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23 January 2017 @ 04:33 pm
Hi! almost new to this fandom but so far I am having a lot of fun!
meeting new senpai and people I am just so happy!
thank you for visiting my profile! oh I also write hehe this is my way
of releasing my stress since I found out about LJ...comments are loved and welcome

Dream Drabble

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New Series :

The Cruel Spin of Fate: Appointed Duty or Duty for Oneself

Prologue - Meeting and Departure - Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 - Day 4 -
Special Mission - Word of Honor - Confession - Deadly Secret -
Game of Faith - Complications 1.1 -
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***💙💛💝💜💚Complications 1.4💚💜💝💛💙***

After diner all of them rest on their quarters, however Mie was awaken because it was too hot on her room she checked the aircon it was turned on but not functioning she went out of her room. Aya, Kim and Inoue also walk out of their room at the same time Mie still half asleep asked “is your aircondition also busted” Kim nodded.

They tried to check on Inohara and Chuck’s room but both were lock tried to go to Sho but it's also lock. She tried calling on his phone and communicator but no luck.So they just gather their comforter and sleep in the common room but since it's still warm they decided to just wear shorts and sleeveless shirts.

When morning comes the boys woke up early and was surprised to see the girls on their shorts and sleeveless shirts sleeping in the common room Nino commented “good morning to us” then Inohara followed “yup, hot morning to us” Ohno chuckled “I envy you Yuc-chan, these gorgeous are your soldiers” while Sho run towards Mie and check her back it was wet with sweat “Mie-chan, why did you guys sleep here and why was it warm here” Mie set up and tried to undress her top but Sho stopped her.

“Nii-chan it's hot I need to take it off Kaa-chan will be mad at me again” Sho shake his head while trying to wake Mie up again “Mie-chan you guys are in the common room” then Mie realized she is with the girls “our aircon broke last night we tried going to Yu-chan and Chuck but it was lock same with your room so we decided to sleep here” then one by one the girls woke up and drag their comforters “you could have called me you know?“

Mie smirked “I tried, I even called in your communicator but you're fast asleep” Mie tried to fix the chairs when the girls went back down and tried to wake themselves up, Aya asked “does anyone here knows how to fix electric wires and stuff?”

Guys look at themselves to confirm but none of them raise their hands Kim sigh “Mie-kun, I guess we have no choice” Mie smiled and nodded “Ayaan and I would be working it out later” Aya nodded while Jun asked “do you guys know how to do wirings”

Maou answered “yup, we did train for electric wirings of all sort, not to mention all girls are also registered mechanics” then smiled at Kim, who gave them a playful wink. Then Mie look at Aya’s direction who nodded and both girls finished their coffee.

When they are about to leave the room Maou throw her access iD without looking to Mie because she is busy with her laptop, and Mie was able to catch it. Then Kim throw Aya the USB without looking since she is busy with her halograph about the building, Aya was able to catch it as well. Then both Mie and aya shouted in Unison “arigato, we would be going ahead” Kim and Maou answered in unison “sewa o suru”

All the guys were pretty amaze, they were about to say anything but then Maou and Kim gather their gadgets while smiling and wave goodbye to them. All tasked has been cleared besides the electrical wiring everything seems working fine. At around 10am everyone is already done with their work and they are all back in their common room.

When Mie and Aya got back from the lab which is their last assignment of the day Mie was wearing shorts same with Aya and they already have tools on their weights they needed for wiring Jun noticed it immediately “Mie-chan I thought you guys are assigned to lab why are you wearing shorts?” Aya giggled but answered “we came from the lab but an accident happen and Mie needed to  her clothes then got back to gather the tools we needed for the aircon”

Sho stand up and check Mie “are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?” Aya laugh this time then Kim answered Sho “Oh she’s fine she washed her clothes earlier because it got wet from the vent last night so she is wearing Aya’s clothes”  the girls giggled because they knew Mie is uncomfortable with what she is wearing.

“Alright you guys stop teasing me, Aya let's go” then Mie walk towards the stairs then on the post and waited for Aya who followed her then pull out a scanner. Then both of them scan the quarters when they were able to locate what they are looking for, they both wear their mono scanner.

Then Mie and Aya launch to the balcony of the quarters then to the ceiling, Aya almost slip good thing Mie was able to get a grip of her hands and swing her back to one of the railings Aya laugh and commented “ease up will you, you look good in my clothes really”

Mie was rolling her eyes “you are just teasing me because I don’t have a choice, Nii-chan can I borrow a shirt from you when I get down” the girls laugh again and Sho answered “gomen imoto I don't have a spare shirt” Mei sigh other wise continue with their task.

The guys are looking at them while Inoue was on her laptop busy doing the report and Kim was reading some documents. Aya and Mie is now able to locate the wire that got twisted they need to cut it and reconnect when one of the screw driver drop from Aya’s pocket.

Inoue was able to catch it in time without looking at it, then pass it to Kim who is able to catch it without looking as well then throw it back up then Mie bend back to catch it Aya shouted “gomen it slip from my pocket” then Mei asked “Kim can you check if any of the room has AC” Kim stand up without looking up.

Nagoya team were pretty amaze of what these girls can do, Inohara and Chuck were just looking at them “pretty amazing these girls huh” Chuck voiced out what Nino and Ohno is thinking, then Ohno commented while still looking at the girls above “they really can do anything besides piloting jets and submarines neh?”

Inohara chuckle but answered “I was pretty impressed when they became my team but I am able to get used to it at some point. Mie is actually one of the candidates to be promoted hopefully after this mission” Nino nodded “she really deserves it, she even surpassed me on one of her DS games” Kim shouted out from the balcony “every AC is now working”

Mie nodded “Arigato, Aya let's do the finishing touches on that side” Aya nodded then dangle herself upside down then crawl towards the end of the ceiling bar she is holding, Mie did the same thing and follow Aya. After they cut another wire and reconnect it, they were able to feel the change in temperature.

Aya and Mie get back down as if they just jump from a three step stairs, Mie removed the tool belt she is wearing same as Aya and join Inoue on the coffee  table and open up her laptop. Aya joined Kim and read the documents. After Mie set up her lap top she tried pulling up the dagger again then tried to use the scanner they used to see the wirings.

Mie smirked “as expected, Kim check this out sensei used my blood to unlock the the dagger” Nino and Kim go to Mie’s back and Nino smiled “old school sensei huh” Mie smiled “yup, she is” then address Inohara “Yuc-chan, reports are done as well as Nagoya’s team Inoue is able to send it through Oh-chan’s email” Inohara smiled “that sure is fast, check the memory on that dagger when we get back to HQ”

Mie nod then Inoue and Jun stand up to go to the kitchen to prepare lunch while Mie tried to finish the dagger composition on how to disengage it with Kazu and Aya. After lunch everything is done, the boys with the exception of Inohara, Ohno, Chuck and Jun were the one who clean up the kitchen. The girls spread out the sofa in the common room and bring out their comforters again.

Mie is now playing her DS beside Chuck on one of the sofa’s while the three girls were giggling and teasing each other. When the boys get back to the common room they tried to grab Mie’s DS and Mie started to run around but Aya was able to climb up in the ceiling along with Kim then Inoue and Mie joined them.

They were dangling on the ceiling and passing around Mie’s DS. Sho and the guys again got amazed by how smoothly they climb up and swiftly swing from one metal bar to the other, Nino shake his head while commenting “seriously, you guys are lady monkeys” then everyone laugh Mie closed her eyes then jump at the same time her DS is being pass to Aya and catch it in mid air and landed perfectly on the floor.

Aya shouted “you're no fun Mie-rin” Mie just pouted and crawl her way beside Sho and put her legs on Sho’s lap. Kim and Inoue chuckle Inoue commented “I give that 10 for perfect landing” and land on the floor from ceiling same goes with the other two. Mie smiled towards Inoue and make herself comfortable in Sho’s arm.

Kim shake her head and commented “I know that pose, why is the tigress sleepy?” Mie smiled “because Nii-chan is beside me I only slept about 3 hours last night” Aya arch her brow “really now, but you also slept like that with Captain” Mie smiled widely this time then answered “I am teasing, the other class by then since I know they have a crush on captain”

Inoue and Kim shake their heads “what? They are the one who started the rumour about me and captain anyway. I am just giving them the taste of their own medicine” then she called in Nino “Kazu, sit beside me will you?” Nino immediately crawl beside her then she rest her head on Nino's lap then continued to play her DS until she fall fast asleep.

Inoue was beside Jun and then Kim and Aya let themselves be comfortable beside Chuck and Inohara. Mie was awaken by the chatter and chuckle of everyone then she tried to open her eyes and saw Nino looking at her she smiled back but then she realized her legs is tangled on Nino’s leg and Sho’s arm and leg are on her thighs and waist while her arms is wrap around Nino’s chest.

She pull away and face Sho who is still fast asleep “she chuckled “ Nii-chan wake up everyone is looking at us” Sho just hugged her tightly then says “stay away from my little sister” Everyone in the room laugh even Nino and Mie “Nii-chan no one can get me from you because I would be dead by then” Sho immediately open his eyes and get up to check on Mie.

“Did I crush you? Did you get bruised?” Mie laugh again “so you're aware you're crushing me” Aiba was shaking his head “that is Sho-chan, he is serious when he said that he even scared Mie and Mai’s suitors back when they are still in Junior high” Mie eyes widen and look towards Aiba “who? Tailor and Grey?” Aiba nodded

“Nii-chan don't you know that Tsuin has a crush on Grey” Sho give Aiba a killer look then commented “too young, too soon” the girls laugh then Aya commented “now I can see what you are talking about” Mie look at her friends “told you, you wouldn’t want him as your brother when it come to these things” Kim laugh “either way you still a hottie killer, even Chuck falls on your charm and I wonder” then give Toma, Nino and Ohno a meaningful look.

Mie shake her head “Kim-chi yamero” Kim and Aya laugh while the later commented “she is clueless as always” everyone fix their common room then head towards the kitchen for dinner.


***💙💛💝💜💚Complications 1.3💚💜💝💛💙***

Mie, Chuck and Sho are headed towards the weaponry department Mie tried to check on the facilities and even the lab where they can work or research on new weapons Mie even tried firing at the shooting range.

They headed next to the arena where they can have simulation Chuck and Mie were the once to try the simulation while Sho check on the control room Mie was able to set a new high score Chuck tried it but can’t beat it “Babe, you set the high score too high” Mie smiled “sorry I got excited”

Sho joined them while shaking his head “Imoto, we need to restart the simulation to delete you score it's too high” Mie pouted “eh naze? it would be best if one of you beat it since chuck is unable to beat it so I still have 8 contenders”

When lunch time is near Mie asked permission to help Maou in cooking but had a clever idea of calling Jun on his communicator “MatsuJun, can you help Inoue prepare our lunch were still not yet done here in Simulation” Jun agreed and help Inoue so she drag Sho and Chuck in trying all simulation.

When lunch was ready they gathered again in the quarters, and then Okada gave them the keys to their respected room they settled their things up for a bit then the girls start playing around from one room to the other even Chuck’s and Inohara’s room got invaded.

Mie also visited room of Ohno, Nino, Aiba and Sho, then she drag Inoue to Jun’s room who welcome them warmly after playing around they get back to work about after 5pm everyone is back to the common room and decided to call it a day

Mie was already on the couch sleeping, DS on her stomach and wearing headset Sho was shaking his head when he saw his sister fast asleep while Inoue commented “she hasn’t got enough sleep in the past few days she's working hard in the lab” then drag Kim and Aya in the kitchen.

Sho was about to carry Mie when Mie all of a sudden cried and call Sho’s name “Nii-chan” then Mie stand up and look for Sho, who hugged her tightly “shhhh Nii-chan is here, it’s alright” Mie hugged him back tightly “I had a bad dream Nii-chan, Shun, Mai, Kaa-chan and Tou-san” Sho tried to sooth her back “we forgot to call them that’s why” then Sho got his phone out and dial a number.

“Kaa-chan, Mie is having a nightmare” an answer from the other line then Sho put his phone on speakers “Mie, it’s Kaa-chan daijoubu?” But Mie still crying Shun also speaks “nee-chan, arigato for the gift ne” then Mai “tsuin, arigato for the book Tou-san had it delivered earlier”

Mie tried to speak “kaa-chan you guys are safe at home?” Sho’s mom chuckle along with Mai “hai, were fine and safe it was just a bad dream and you just miss us that's why” Mie tried to hide her sobs and calm herself “hai, I guess I just missed you guys arigato for the games and chocolates tou-san gave them to me yesterday”

“Ei, you take care of yourself and Nii-chan ne?” Mie smiled this time “hai would try my best, but nii-chan is scolding me about my suitors” Shun answered this time “Nii-chan don’t get them off easily ne” Sho chuckle while they can hear Kaa-chan scolding Shun then Mai was on the phone “ne tsuin did you introduced captain to Nii-chan”

Mie answered “hai, earlier today but captain doesn't know he is nii-chan” then Mai giggled “tell me everything when you visit on your off, come and visit us soon neh” Mie was relieved and was assured her family are alright “hai, I’ll drag nii-chan and Aiba-pon too ne” then Sho’s mother was on the phone “alright you two rest now we're safe here”

Mie and Sho answered in unison “hai” then Sho’s mother continued “your off better be on weekend if you are to bring Aiba-kun since no one would sleep early again” Aiba laugh at that while Mie and Sho giggled but answer “hai, love you kaa-chan” then the three voices answered “love you too, see you both soon”

When the line went off Sho kissed Mie’s forehead “they are safe and so am I it was just a dream” Mie nodded “are you getting those nightmares again that is why you are restless?” Mie nodded Sho asked “but you said your not getting any of those anymore” Mie sigh “it went back since they inserted the serum on my veins” Sho nodded “want to sleep in my room tonight?” Mie shake her head “ei, I would be fine”


***💙💛💝💜💚Complications 1.2💚💜💝💛💙***

Everyone was already on the landing pad, when their jet arrived. Mie smiled when the back door opened and a handsome guy appeared. Mie run towards the guy who hugged her tightly and kiss her on both her cheeks while Mie willingly accepted it then everyone follow Mie on entering the jet.

While approaching they are able to hear Mie and the guy exchanging how are you then the guy hugged and kissed  Mie again “God I missed you soo much my angel” Mie just laugh “I missed you but not that much though” then the guy pouted, with that Mie smiled and faced everyone “brief introduction everyone”

Mie introduce everyone of them to the new guy, without moving from the vice like grip of the guy on her waist.  Everyone shake hands with him except for Aya,  Lieutenant Tatum and Col. Inohara who give him a hug on his left side since Mie is on his right side.

“Guys meet Lieutenant Miyake Ken, Captain of Pilot division and as you know Aya is 2nd in command to him” Ken bow his head and corrected Mie “hon, you are my first mate” then Aya agreed “yeah, I am just 2nd in command after you” then the girls giggle while Kim commented “Mie-chi you forgot to add, that Cap. Ken is your boyfriend” Mie laugh along with Aya “whatever Kim-chi suit yourself”

With that Ken shake his head “alright buckle up ladies we should get going, and you georgious is coming with me” addressing Mie who come along and drag Aya with her. After a few minutes the back door is closed and they are able to hear Ken’s voice “again this is Capt. Ken with my Co-pilot Mie Miyamoto and firstmate Aya Sato”

Then Mie’s voice “Major Miyamoto Mie of Jet Alpha permission to clear the runway” pause then “thank you, flight duration is 160 minutes over and out” Then Aya’s voice “buckle up minna,  goal is to get in the destination in less than the said duration” then everyone buckle up.

When they arrived at their destination they are guided by Okada sensei they were able to tour the new base for about an hour after which they were given time to rest for about 2 hours before they start working Mie spend it with Ken while the girls were giggling of their closeness.

Toma asked Inoue what role does Ken has in Mie’s life Inoue just shrug her shoulder “Mie didn’t say anything so Kim just assume that He is Mie’s boyfriend given of how close they are but on the contrary Mie has the same closeness with Chuck and Ryou so I am not sure either”

Then Sho asked Chuck about Mie but Chuck only answered him with “not sure either, although there were rumour that Captain really likes Mie. You of all people would know why, but seems like Mie just got in a chaotic situation when she meet him then it became a rumour that captain is Mie’s boyfriend but both of them are just laughing about it”

Sho smirk while Chuck smile and give Sho a reassuring pat “it's okay, Mie is safe with him I’m sure of it since I knew him, and he's a gentleman not to mention he is one of the most eligible bachelor in camp so I guess it’ll be fine”

When Mie get back to the common room men are gathered in the sofa Mie asked “Nii-chan, where are the ladies?” Sho just gesture towards the kitchen, so Mie went there and saw the ladies busy preparing for breakfast Mie joined them.

After preparing breakfast Mie peep from the kitchen door and called in the guys for breakfast. When everyone is settled Kim asked Mie “Mie-chi code 5, 4, 3, 5 Capt. Ken” Mie and Aya laugh then answered “same with Chuck” Kim arch her brow “really now” Maou smiled “Oh well it's not the first time, but what I am curious about is the story behind it”

Mie just roll her eyes, but then Ohno speaks up “what code was that?” Mie chuckle “nothing we girls created those code so don’t mind it” then Nino was next “Mie-chan you really get into a lot of rumours ne” Mie nodded “yup, I don't know but it seems to find me quite a lot”

Aiba asked “what were the rumour you’ve got yourself into?” Sho face Mie who is sitting beside her and Mie chocked because she can see that Sho is now serious and was asking too, then look at Chuck's direction. After Mie drunk the water Chuck gave her, she says “Nii-chan, you have nothing to worry about because they are just rumours besides I am just laughing at it”

Sho’s perfect brows collide this time “Mie-chan, tell me what rumours are they” Mie swallowed hard this time then pouted “just like what Oh-chan, Kazu and Jun were thinking when they didn’t know you are my brother” Sho’s eyes widen along with the girls, Inohara and Chuck.

Aya and Kim asked this time “Mie-chan, what were they thinking?” Mie sigh and blushing “stop bothering me you guys, and don't put me in the hot seat” Chuck was the one who explained to Sho “Sho-kun, Mie was rumored to be my girlfriend and sleeping together since we were in the same quarters when she was sick”

Then the girls commented “you guys were too close, and it was the nurse who saw you guys cuddling each other” Mie pouted again “it was because the nurse forgot to turn on the heater not to mention forgot the keys for the drawers of medicines and blankets so we don’t have a choice but to improvise and since I have high fever I really thought I was with Nii-chan”

Sho looked at Chuck who smiled at him and say “It's true Sho-kun she’s having high fever and she’s calling me nii-chan, then found out later that day it was you whom she’s been calling for” Sho looked at her then eyes darted to Aya who speaks “then that same day the rumour of them sleeping together break out”

Kim was too eager to find out what happen in their quarters asked again “so what happen in the quarters why Mie-chan once again gain the said rumour?” This time Sho laugh while Mie is blushing and hiding from him. Aiba however answered Kim’s query

“1st day Sho-chan cornered Mie inside their bedroom for about 15min then 2nd day these idiots burst onto their room, Mie was only wearing her towels while Sho-chan is pulling up his jeans, then 3rd day again all of us saw these two snuggled up on their bed”

Ladies along with Chuck and Inohara laugh, while Ohno, Nino, Jun and Toma were also like Mie blushing “I am an exception since I know Mie-chan since Junior High” Sho again serious and ask Mie about Ken “What rumors do you have with captain?”

Mie smiled shyly “Ken-kun is our trainor in aeronautics, me and Aya that is. Then one time Ken treat us diner and we found out his girlfriend was cheating on him so I help him out by acting as his girlfriend. Although after a year Ken ask if he can court me and told him he needed permission from you and Shun-kun not to mention Tou-san” then turn to hug Sho’s arm “apparently he isn’t aware you are my brother”

Sho nodded “but I don’t like the way he is holding you, as if he is your boyfriend and all” Mie arch her brow “eh? but Chuck also hugged and kiss me like that but you didn’t complain. Anyhow he just misses me and Aya since it has been more than a year since the last time we saw each other ne Aya?”

Aya thinks for a moment then “ei, probably 2 years and a half. The last time was when we were getting our license and the badge” Mie’s eyes widen “Oh Yeah, Gen. Kitagawa was there too now I remember” Aya laugh hard then commented “yup and that same day Chuck and Ken got into a fight”

Mie shake her head this time “yeah, because Ken thought Chuck is really my boyfriend whom is cheating on me, boys are so tiring” then the girls laugh, after a few more banters Inohara directed his team towards their assigned task same goes with Ohno.


***💙💛💝💜💚Complications 1.1💚💜💝💛💙***

Mie has been a bit busy in the next 2 days, running test to Ryou’s blood, monitoring its progress as well as perfecting the serum,  not to mention transcribing the information from the dagger she is able to get from her assassin trainor.

Sho is asking her trope about her since she is unable to attend any training and on meal time she would just get it from the pantry and would be back to work. After lunch on that day Mie was able to join the new combat training simulation. Sho can’t help himself but run towards Mie when he saw her lying on one of the bench.

“Haven't sleep much I presume?” Mie peek from her arm to confirm it was Sho who is looking at her,  she smiled and jump up “ei, I got comfortable on this bench and fallen asleep” Sho hugged her and examined her “I am fine nii-chan I am invincible remember?”

Then Ohno and Nino were already beside them Mie smiled at them and give each one a hug,  same goes with Jun and Aiba, then smile at Toma but before Toma can touch her Chuck is already at her side and give her suit “go and change be back at 5” then Mie just noticed all of them are already in suit.

After changing when Mie rejoined his team, they were given instruction about the simulation both team have the same goal but obstacle wise it would be different. Ohno’s team was the one who go for a simulation first it was set to expert level so whatever happens in the simulation the player would be able to feel it.

As expected all of them have area of expertise and was able to handle it well, when Mie’s team are the one on the simulation they were able to handle it with the same expertise although Ohno’s team were fascinated because Mie would just look at them and they are able to follow what Mie needed it's like they have mental telepathy. Also another fact is they were able to see Mie was able to rotate from one area to the other.

Nino asked Mie “does the serum also gave you mental telepathy at some point?” Mie chuckled and put her arms on Nino’s waist “ei, I guess we just know each other too well that we can read one’s action and signals” Nino was still puzzled like Ohno “but I haven't noticed any signal at all” Mie laugh “I did, want to see it again?” Then Mie look at Aya’s direction then Aya look back nodded while smiling.

Then Chuck was running towards them while asking “Babe, what is it?” Mie laugh “I am just showing these two how to communicate with signals” Chuck shake his head “no worries you guys are not insane I also don't get how they are doing it” Sho approach them “they have been together since they enter the academy so I am not surprise”

Then Jun asked Mie this time “Mie-chan, how come you are the one giving orders to Lieutenant and the others you are just a major right?” Colonel Inohara smiled and answer Jun “Mie-chan is more strategic than any of us,  not to mention she is able to figure things up before it happen so I trust her with it” then the girls along with Sho giggled and commented “nope, she is just bossy as she is ne Aya-chan” Mie scowl at Aya who ignore her “yup,  she is really persuasive at times” then everyone laugh.

All their communicator lit up and they are being called to Gen. Garcia’s conference room, on their way Mie was stuck between Sho and Chuck when they are about to enter the conference room Toma tried to get hold of her but she was able to hide behind Nino whom she is teasing about a game.

Three Generals are there again, this time Mie sit close beside Gen. Sakurai then General Kitagawa started “we call you up for a sudden change, since we are secretly moving some of our facilities to the new site we wanted you guys to check up everything to ensure safety and stability of the new site”

Then Gen. Garcia continue “we already have setup everything you needed and transportation, you will be leaving in at dawn to ensure no one will know about the said transfer” pause for a moment then continue “all 10 of you will be staying in the same common room you will see it when you arrive”

Gen. Sakurai speaks “Okada we'll be waiting for you at the site to show you around” then Ohno and Inohara give their respective team of the things assigned to them along with their partners in the next few days Mie immediately scan the assigned task for her and was relieved when she saw she doesn't need to be with Toma.

Then Gen. Sakurai continued “I expect a full report of the said mission by the time you get back, and Lieutenant Sakurai, Major Miyamoto is your responsibility” Mie rolled her eyes “Tou-san, my direct supervisor is Chuck” Gen. Sakurai ignored her winning while Sho answered “Tou-san that goes without saying” Gen. Garcia and Gen. Kitagawa smiled.

Then Gen.  Sakurai continued “that goes for all the men on this joined team, I expect you guys to take care of the roses on your team, do I made myself clear?” Everyone answered “Yes” except for Inohara and Chuck while Gen. Garcia was shaking her head and commented “nothing less from Sakurai-san,  alright pack your things since you're moving out and that concludes this meeting”

Everyone stood up and bow their heads except for Mie who seat on Gen. Sakurai’s lap and put an arm around his neck “tou-san, I am a soldier and you should not treat me as your daughter in front of them” Gen. Sakurai just shrug “you are and  will always be a baby to me” Mie pouted “Tou-san, I am not a baby anymore and we've agreed I would be your daughter if I am at home but here I am a soldier”

Sho commented “and what do you think you are doing right now” Mie give Sho a deadly look “I am scolding tou-san and you for always forgetting I am a soldier” then pouted everyone in the room laugh then Aya commented “Mie-chi, with what you are doing you’re proving what they are saying is true”

Mie flecker her eyes towards Aya who laugh along with Kim, while Maou was shaking her head and commented “Mie-pon we need to get back to the lab and see Ryou before leaving so better finish up with your whining and scolding” Mie sigh “hai, Tou-san I am a soldier again stop spoiling me in front of my trope” stated with finality then Gen. Sakurai hugged her tight after which she walk to where her team is at.

Mie was about to open the door when Gen. Sakurai stated “I will try, but if I am not to spoil you whom would I be giving these chocolates Kaa-chan asked me to Bring along with the cd Shun and Mai saved for?”

Then pick up the bag under his chair, while Mie’s eyes widen and run back toward her father to get the bag then examine what's inside then shouted “Yatta, Kaa-chan,  Shun-pon and Mai Tsuin loves me dearly” then faced Gen. Sakurai “Ureshii, arigato tou-san” then started Kissing Gen.  Sakurai while branding every kiss “give this to kaa-chan,  this to Mai-tsuin then this to Shun-pon”

Then Mie give a paper to Gen. Sakurai “ne, tou-san can you buy this for me and give it to them too I’ll just transfer funds to your bank account” Gen. Sakurai smiled “hai, I’ll have it deliver tomorrow” Mie hugged him again “arigato,  tell them I’ll call them tomorrow at lunch” Sho smile “and that’s your strict and Eccentric Gen. Sakurai with his daughter” then all of them in the room laugh.

02 April 2017 @ 12:00 am

Hehe another fun meet up!!!

Happy weekend everyone!!!

Hehehe wearing my ithiban color with hist uchiwa

Arrigato for fun and enjoyable weekend Obasan and nix-chan💙💛💜


Today is one of the best days I would never forget!!!

Its an Ohno Satoshi field day!!! 💙💙💙

I get to spen half a day with my Itoko-chan (hehe not blood related though) I get to meet her because of Oba-san and guess what she is also an Ohno Satoshi Biased...

We get to spend time together,  talking about our fillow arashian sisters then we also get to fan girl ahaha a Juntoshi and Ohmiya of course is in the list hehehe

Can't wait to spend another day with you soon... Hehe hope you like the little gift I share with you... Like what happen last Jan 28

Hehe I really enjoyed this day... And this is what happen when 2 Ohno Satpshi fan meet...

Facts about our meet up
💙 same fave color blue (obviously)
💙 same backpackers
💙 same low-blood
💙 same coffee addicts
💙 same baseball cap who matches Oh-chan's
💙 and a lot more kyahaha


💙💛💝💜💚game of fate💚💜💝💛💙

Mie is playing with her DS while Sho is pacing in front of her, the others are actually seating either in front of her or next beside her. She grab Sho on his shirt “stop doing that other’s are getting dizzy” Sho looked at her “should we tell otosan?” Mie looked at him and shake her head.

“You don't want Otosan to be here by tonight and drag me back home with cuffs and a platon escorting me ne?” then sigh “besides, we are already able to find this formula and hopefully it would destroy the serum in my veins” then Mie looked at Aya “these girls can handle me” Sho sit beside her and hugged her tight “no worries Nii-chan I would be fine”

“Why didn’t you tell me about this!” Sho’s voice is accusing, Mie smiled “it's because I know you would be like this, not to mention I don't want to worry otosan either” Sho hugged her tighter “why do you always worry about us were in fact your the one who needed to be taken care of” Mie hugged him back “you guys are more important than my life you guys are the only ones left to me and I would give up everything I have just to make sure you're safe”

Then Doctor Yuya was already calling for her “Major, it's time” Mie nodded then face her troop “be on standby guys” ladies stand up and followed them, when Ohno speaks up “can we be the one to handle you instead?” Mie chuckled and run back to hug Ohno “aren’t you the sweetest” Ohno looked at her she planted a soft kiss on Ohno’s nose “it's okay these girls can handle me better and they are trained in restraining me”

Then Mie run back to Yuya’s side along with her girls then Kim voiced out “can we extract blood for now and try it” Mie put an arm around Kim “don't tell me your scared” Kim eyed her “partially no, it's just that I am not sure if they are ready to see you being deadly”

“My brother already saw it earlier so it would be fine” Inoue also speaks “yeah Dr. Yuya can we just get the extraction for now” Dr. Yuya nodded “my thoughts exactly!” Mie sigh then Dr. Yuya continued “so we would also know what would be the effect of the serum to your blood”

Mie nodded “fine then I would also want to see it for myself” so they continue then Mie call up Sho to inform him it would be just blood extraction for now and they would run some test. Mie ask Sho to just wait for her at the common room and Sho agreed.

Dr. Yuya perform the extraction then the put it on different plate and then perform the experiment. While waiting for the result Mie ask permission to get back to their quarters since she wanted to take a shower. The girls did the same.

By the time Mie was done her shower Sho was waiting for her downstairs. Mie smiled and sit beside him Sho check her arm as well as her shoulders but sho is unable to see bruises on her shoulders and on her arm Sho can only see a scratch from the slice she got.

Mie smiled “I am invincible bruises can last about 2 days but if it's a cut it would only take few hours and my skin would be regenerating on it’s own” Sho eyed her suspiciously “but the bruises I saw yesterday?” Mie smiled “Bruises would last long since it's a muscle and is visible through skin discoloration which was caused by an impact but if it is a wound then it would only take a few hours to heal, the cerum act and regenerate tissue and pump my heart faster to normalize and replace the blood lost”

Then Sho shake his head then Mie continued “so basically you don’t have to worry so much about me, except when I am on a deadly state” then sigh “it would be better to not let me bleed or anger me you saw what I did to them earlier right?” Sho nodded then hug her then Nino sit beside her “Mie-chan, did you feel any pain when the serum was inserted to you?”

Mie smiled “thanks to Ryou, I didn’t feel that much pain” then her communicator lit up “Aya-kun?” then an answer Mie stood up then smoothly jump from one couch to the other “getting it now be there in a few” then Mie run through the stairs and when she got back she faced Sho again “Nii-chan I need to be back in the lab, would just call you once I needed help” Sho nodded and open his arms.

Mie hug him tight “make sure to open your communicator” Sho nodded but not letting her go, Mie chuckle and call on Aiba “Aiba-shii help Nii-chan won’t let go of me” Aiba smiled “Sho-chan, you need to let go” then Ohno smiled “yeah, Sho-chan Mie needed to do something” but it’s as if Sho is unable to hear them.

Ohno and Aiba hold Sho in place while Nino helped Mie get out of Sho’s hold, when finally Mie was out of his hold her communicator lit up again “Gomen, Nii-chan won’t let go, but I am on my way” then she chuckle and give nino a hug “arigato Kazu, Aiba-shii hold nii-chan ne? I would just give you hug when I get back”

When Mie was at the door Toma was standing and open it for her “can I accompany you?” Mie look at him then smiled and grab his hand. When they were in the elevator Toma cleared his throat “Mie-chan, about what I said when I was drunk” Mie answered but not looking at him.

“It’s okay I would understand you said it because you were drunk” Toma shake his head “it's the other way around, I would ask if we can give it a try. I don’t care about the serum in your blood you are still my Mie” She look up to him this time then the elevator opened.

“A lot of things change in the past 2 years Toma-kun, I changed within those years so the Mie you have loved before might not show up anymore. Can you still accept the new Mie?” she pause for a moment then continue “if you can answer that question then let us talk” Toma hold her hand and let his eyes wander through the depth of her soul “Yes, I can accept anything about you, I would be waiting till our mission is finished so we can start talking about this matter”

Mie was unable to move for a second nor unable to utter words, then Toma continued “you can always ask my help about this case and I would be right beside you” Mie still unable to move was grabbed by Lieutenant Chuck “thank you Major Ikuta for escorting her, I would take it from here” then closed the elevator.

Then he put his arm around Mie “one of your fear is happening, what are you going to do?” Mie look up at Chuck “I would need to deal one after the other” then take in a deep breath “first things is first, request the auth to be transferred me back to you,  I needed to be away from him” Lieutenant nodded and requested the permission to be withdrawn via his communicator, then they proceed to the lab for the result.

There were more test to be done and Mie was asked to extract blood from Ryou but Mie seems to be in a deep thoughts Maou pat her “Mie-chan, is everything okay?” That was the only time Mie noticed that all of them are now looking at her, she cleared her throat and smiled “sure, let me see Ryou” then stand up and walk out of the lab.

Aya and Maou noticed it but then Chuck voiced it out “let her be alone for now, anyway she would be seeing Ryou so it would ease her tension and would get back to her senses” Kim arch her brows “meaning?” Chuck sigh “your Friend's fear is happening one after the other she is preoccupied with her thoughts and she needed a breather”

Mie reach Ryou’s chamber without her knowing it, she entered the room and Ryou smiled, she removed the cuff in his hands and hugged him tight while Ryou is also hugging her “I haven't seen you in a while I thought you abandoned me” Mie shake her head “I wouldn’t do that I promised you remember?”

Then Mie sigh “neh Ryou, you told me that with the serum in my blood I shouldn't be able to feel any emotions at all even fear, how come I can feel it still?” Ryou guide her to lay on his lap “that is because you are special, not to mention you have a big heart and you already felt the pain of loosing someone you love the most” Mie sigh “but you also said this serum I would forget about what happened in the past, why I can’t forget these things?” Ryou chuckled “as what sensei told us before only you can survive this without losing who you are”

Mie closed her eyes while Ryou is soothing her back “when you succeed in killing the said serum in our veins everything will be back to the way it was and you would be able to fix everything” Mie open her eyes and get back to sitting position “but what if I fail, and I am unable to get rid of this Ryou what if I can't fulfil my promise to you?” Ryou smiled at her and wipe the tears that falls down on her cheeks “you never left me, and just by staying by my side is enough and I know you can find a cure to this”

Mie is shaking and Ryou hugged her tight “thanks for always believing in me even if I fail a couple of times already” Ryou pat her back and hug her back “I should be the one thanking you for always reminding me I am still human and who I am” then Mikee smiled and ask permission to get blood from him Ryou asked for a knife then cut himself up and put the blood on the vial mikee had on her pocket.

Mikee stayed a few minutes more and make sure that the cut was healed then she hugged Ryou again who asked her to put back his cuff and rest, when she walk out of the door Maou,  Kim and Aya are already waiting for her she gave the vial to them and asked them to escort her back to 17 theta to gather her things.

Chuck is already waiting for them near Sho’s quarters she nodded at Chuck who hugged her before knocking Aiba was the one who open the door Mie get inside followed by Chuck Aya and Kim “Major Masaki I need to speak with Lieutenant Sakurai”

Aiba says he is at his chamber and asked Nino to call him up Sho was running down the stairs “Lieutenant, I believe you were already informed” Sho nodded then hugged Mie, while Aya and Kim moved to gather Mie’s things “I guess I would be seeing you around once we are able to gather information from my sensei’s dagger”

Sho nodded then lift her face “promise me you wouldn’t do anything reckless” Mie chuckled “nii-chan, I am just on a different quarters but we are still in the same building” Sho shake his head “just promise me imoto and you would tell me everything from now on” Mie smiled although shaking her head “haaaaiiii” then Maou and Chuck giggled “I love seeing you too together” Maou commented.

Then Sho hugged Mie tightly and face Chuck “Lieutenant Tatum, I would take you responsible if anything happen to my Baby” Mie rolled her eyes “nii-chan” Chuck bow his head “I would protect her with my life” Sho nodded and let go of Mie who run towards Aiba and hug him tightly.

“Aiba-shii, take care of nii-chan for me and so as yourself” Aiba nodded and hug her back, then she faced Nino and give him a hug as well “thanks for earlier, and helping me figure out about the serum” Nino hug her back “it's nothing just come visit us and play with me” Mie chuckled and kiss nino on his cheek who blushed

Then finally face Ohno “Oh-chan, I would miss being around with you guys and arigato in helping me earlier” Ohno blushed when Mie give her a kiss as well “take care of these guys especially my nii-chan and Toma-pon” Ohno laugh “yeah he is such a baby” Mie wink “you said that right”

Then Mie hugged Jun this time while whispering “take action, you know I can help you talk to Maou-kun” Jun hugged her tight “I know, arigato” Mie smiled “just call me you know my line” Jun nodded then Kim and Aya is already waiting for her “alright let's go” Ohno stopped them “what about Toma?” Mie smiled “he is doing something just tell him I already left”

Then the group walked out of the common room, on their way to the elevator Chucked ask “it is really okay to not see him” Mie nodded “it's better this way I needed to be away from him even just for a couple of days or even until we receive oder” Chuck nodded “as you wish” the girls giggled then Aya commented “I am sure Chuck is higher than Mie but how come Mie can command Chuck with just a snap” Mie looked at them and give them a playful wink.

Aya commented that is because when it comes to boys Mie knows them better” Maou put an arm around Mie “what did you whisper to Jun earlier?” Mie smiled “nothing, I just informed him to take care of my Nii-chan” Maou was in doubt and eye Mie suspiciously “Mie-kun” Mie just smiled “relax, I wouldn’t do anything that would harm any of you, specially you”

💙💛💝💜💚Deadly Secret💚💜💝💛💙

When Mie got out of Toma’s room she sigh deeply and incline her back on Toma’s door. Aya give her a reassuring pat “Don’t worry you guys will be able to fix it” then Kim gave her the same pat “You always fix things” Mie smile “There are things that can’t be fix specially after what happen, and you all know when it comes to our job sacrifices has to be made”

Inoue who is now on top of the staircase speaks “yes, Mie is right there are things we needed to sacrifice” Mie smiled “alright men this way” Mie directed them to Sho’s room Aya speaks “so this is where you are being held captive” Mie shake his head then Kim says “I don't mind being held captive by him in this four walls”

Then the girls laugh while Mie just smiled “you wouldn’t say that if he is your brother” Inoue looked at her carefully “so you haven’t told him?” Mie shake her head “No, not sure if he can keep it with otosan” then sigh heavily “I entered the academy without otosan knowing it until recently but with what happen during our mission as special task force I am not sure”

Aya speaks this time “But with them helping us on this mission they would surely find out” Mie look at Aya “we would be keeping it from them at all circumstances but if something went wrong I guess that couldn’t be helped, and you guys know what to do” then the girls all nodded.

“Which reminds me did you guys perfected the formula I sent you” Aya nodded “yes we did, we are just brewing it in the lab” then Kim “we're here to actually record your voice,  we needed to extract blood from him to check if the serum would work although we are not sure on how to do that without him fighting” Mie sigh again “I would find a way, since nii-chan saw how Ryou acted and almost killed the guards”

Inoue, Aya and Kim look at her questioningly “Nii-chan and Oh-chan got a clearance probably from Gen. Kitagawa and they saw him in rage nii-chan was furious and don’t want me to come close to Ryou anymore” sigh again “when I refused that is how I was held captive here, not sure on why Chuck transfer authority to him either”

Aya rolled his eyes “boys, they really can be thick at times” Inoue shake his head “perks of being the youngest and baby of the team I guess, they are just worried” Kim smiled meaningfully “well they should be,  you are the first and foremost the lady alchemist after all”

“Any other things we needed to discuss?” Aya nodded “there were assassin that were captured well actually,  surrendered themselves and they are for interrogation” then Inoue continued “they would only confess if you can defeat them in the arena” Mie smirked “typical assassin of the east”

“One bit of a problem” Inoue eyed Mie “since Ryou is unstable we would need to fight them” Mie smiled “I can handle them myself” Aya shake her head “Mie-chan I thought we would be keeping it from them” Mie nodded and sigh “yeah I forgot, no worries I would ask permission for the interrogation and blood extraction”

“We wanted to tell this to you personally since communicator is not safe” Kim continued “Yeah, at least this room is fully searched” they all drink up their beer “this concluded our meeting”

Then all of them went down Mie was the last one to descend the stairs then she went directly to Sho’s lap and put her face on his neck “Nii-chan can you lift my suspension even just for tomorrow please, I am needed in the interrogation along with the girls” Sho sigh then look at Aiba and Ohno who nodded “Fine, on one condition I would be with you”

Mie look up at the girls who nodded “fine, but you are not to interfere. These assassin were sent to kill me and Ryou we would only get information from them if I would be the one to speak to them” Sho was about to answer but then Aya voiced out “please we would swear to keep her safe and even give our lives for her”

Then Kim “we need her Lieutenant” Sho nodded with a heavy sigh “fine, I would keep your word soldiers” Mie hugged Sho “arigato nii-chan, love you” then give Sho a kiss, Aiba is having a hard time keeping his giggle along with Nino, Ohno, Jun and the girls “Sho-chan you really can’t do anything when Mie-chan is hugging and kissing you like that”

Sho blushed “you just don’t know how persuasive she can be” Ohno and Nino looked at Mie who actually give them a wink then both of them blushed, Sho scowl at them “hey you two! leave my sister alone and that goes for Toma who is sleeping” the girls laugh again and says their goodbyes. Ohno ordered everyone to go to sleep early so they would be awake early.

At 6am Osaka and Nagoya team are at the pantry Mie approaches Chuck immediately “Thanks to you I am suspended and unable to perform my duty well” Chuck gave her a hug and apologetic smile “he has the right to know, and I am also just thinking of your safety” Mie accused him “yeah right now I don’t know how can I save myself and Ryou because I am not allowed to go out of the room” Chuck kneel at her “please forgive me princess but this is just temporary”

“Next time you interfere I would kill you myself!” Chuck shake his head then tried to grabbed her but then Mie walk back to where Sho is seating and started playing her DS she is having a hard time calming her nerves down even after she had her coffee “Nii-chan I don’t have appetite can I go to weaponry tryouts? I just need to release this annoyance of mine” Sho sigh then called in Aya “Major Sato Can you accompany her” Aya stand up “by all means” then Mie went out along with Aya.

Mie is in the middle of target shooting when her communicator lit up and was called to be back at the interrogation room in 25LG. She eyed Aya who nodded then called in Sho to be with them. When they arrived at 25LG Sho and his team is already waiting for them Mie not looking at Sho went directly to where the interrogation room is.

General Garcia is already at the Room and give everyone a debrief after the debrief Gen. Garcia called in Mie before going out “Major Miyamoto you will be facing your trainor and I must say she is the most dangerous among them” Mie nodded and says “I would make sure she won’t lay a finger to any of my friends” Gen. Garcia nodded “off you go” Mie look at Gen. Garcia “Nii-chan and his team is looking so please handle him and not let them interfere” Gen. Garcia nodded again “I will”

Mie went out from the other door while Gen. Garcia Talked to Nagoya team “Soldiers, the interrogation is being held in the Arena Area on this floor, I don’t want you to interfere this is the request of the assassin held captive in return of supplying the information we needed” Sho was shocked along with his team but recovered and asked

“We have mind reading machines that can retrieve memories why can’t we just use it” Garcia shake her head “it is because of the serum that is on their blood who would eventually erase all their memories once serum settled and when they’re dead, good thing Mie-chan was able to find a cure at least but these assassins surrender for themselves just to have this fight with Mie and Ryou, as you all know Ryou is still unstable so Mie don’t have a choice but to handle it with the girls”

Ohno nodded “understood General” then Garcia again speaks “Sakurai, this should be kept from your father for now you know too well how he would react on this matter and don’t get to emotional about this since your precious little sister is also a soldier and she has duty to fulfil. Do I made myself clear?”

Sho nodded hesitantly then Gen. Garcia continued “You have a choice of being emotional and leave your profession along with your badge or you can stay put as the interrogation comes to an end” Sho looked at Aiba who actually tap his shoulders “Mie-chan wouldn’t want that Sho-chan”

Sho nodded “yes, General I won’t interfere with the interrogation” Garcia nodded “very well follow me then” they walked till the end of the hall and open the observation room where they can see the Arena below. Mie was the last one to enter the room and look at the assassins the woman stood up and bow her head “Finally my favorite trainee arrived, and I can see you are looking well despite on what happen to Ryou”  

Mie smirked “good to see you to sensei, good to know that the serum didn’t eat you up or did it?” Margot Robbie smiled wickedly “well I still have a mission to fulfill my dear and that is to kill you” Mie smiled back “that is if you can” then the other two women  manages to launch themselves to Aya and Kim while Inoue is standing beside Mie “Mao-chan please help out Kim and Aya”

Margot not paying attention to the others speaks again “confident enough to defeat me are we?” Mie just smiled but Margo already pull out her sword and darted it to Mie who was trying to dodge when she saw that her friends are already having a hard time defeating the other two she saw Inoue had blood on her arms, then Kim was kicked on her stomach she got out of control.

She was able to disarm one of the assassin and manages to let is sleep, so as the second one then she directed to Margot and without hesitation to fight with her alone Inoue shouted “Mie we need her for information please” then Aya also shouted back “Nii-chan is looking at this interrogation” but Mie as if unable to listen to any of it still fighting with Margo.

“ops! family doesn’t have a clue what happen to you eh” instead of stopping it only enrage Mie then Margo continued “very good Mia as always you are exceptional and has talent indeed, but it's a shame it is going to go to waste” Mie smile wickedly “not if I kill you first” Margo laugh a loud then they fight again and one whip Margo manages to slash Mie’s arm then Mie flip out upon seeing the blood running down her fingers.

She move faster until Margo is no longer able to catch up with her and with double whip of her two swords Mie was able to slash Margo in her stomach and legs. Margo was unable to move then Mie tried to stomp on Margo’s chest “now speak before I kill you” stated with gritted teeth but instead of speaking she stab Mie’s legs Mie didn’t wince but gave her another stab in her stomach Margo smiled “I trained you well and even surpasses my ability”

Then margo tried to speak again “all i-information is in the dagger, I know you are the only one who can defeat me, thank you” then Margo died while one of the assassin moved and manages to stab Mie from her back Mie killed the assassin along with the other one Inoue fired a tranquilizer on Mie who winced and says “I hate it when you do that” then another 2 shots from Aya and Kim and Mie fallen on the floor.

Mie woke up in the hospital wing Sho was there and her team. Mie moved as if nothing happens “Inoue can you not do it on the neck I am uncomfortable and I might forget who you guys are” Inoue sigh “but you are bleeding on all parts that is the only safe side” Sho still not moving when Doc. Yuya speaks “good to see you are awake, the serum is complete but since the assassins were dead we have no way of testing if the serum would work”

Mie sigh “any complications in that matter?” Doc. Yuya eyed Sho for a moment Mie speaks “it’s okay Yuya” doctor nodded “we need to try it out first before we insert it to Ryou just to be safe as you know he is unstable” Mie nodded “you can insert it with 05083” Sho asked this time “there is another experiment assassin here?” Inoue answered “yes, there is” Ohno, Nino, Aiba, and Jun asked as the same time “who?”

Mie stood up “me, I am experiment 05083” Sho darted his eyes to Mie “now you know the reason why I am so desperate to find a cure” then Mie darted her eyes to Toma “that is why it is hard to fix things between us” then gesture to Doc. yuya to follow her Sho tried to stop Mie “no time Sho-chan I’ll see you later after”

Dr. Yuya asked “are you sure you're alright I mean you have lost blood” Mie smiled “yup completely fine I was able to sleep and as you can see my wounds are pretty much healed” then show her arm to Dr. Yuya who smiled “alright then let me ready the lab” Mie shake her head “ready 23LG we would conduct it there just in case” Dr. Yuya nodded.



Dinner time and all of them are in the kitchen, everyone was eating but none of them were asking questions. Mie’s eyes were puffy a sign that she cried. When her communicator lit up “Mao-kun” answer from the other end “hai arigato” Mie stood up then went to the common room where her laptop is open “yes, I have the file open copy that” after about 5 minutes Mie went back to the dining area to finish her meal.

Then she went back to the common room and didn’t mind everyone while facing her laptop then after about 15 minutes she stood up then start pacing while looking at her laptop then tap on her communicator “Aya, I think I am able to complete the formula can you make it tonight?” an answer then “yes, its because of the Magnesium so if we would use the same composition and decrease the- yes it might be able to detonate it”

Then another beat “no I can ask Inoue if she can pull it off, I tried to research it on my end but I am having problem with- hold on a sec” Mie run back to Nino “neh Kazu remember the invasion of darkness you would need to go through our game?” Nino look up at her “hai it is made up of metal” Mie nodded “yes that one, do you know the composition of the said metal?”

Nino nodded “it’s Tellurium, Astatine and Arsenic” Mie think “are you sure that is all the components” Nino got his DS “I think let me double check” Mie nodded “Aya standby I think I already have the formula Inoue needed” then Nino says “Mei-chan it also include Germanium” Mie sit beside Nino this time “when you were in that level how did you manage to defeat it”

Nino think hard this time “I managed to break it by using oxiperastine and I created almost the same components as the metal itself” Mie hugged Nino and give him a Kiss on his check “you are a genius Kazu you that? arigato”

Mie stood back up “Aya I got it, would send Inoue the formula then take over with the serum” a beat “arigato, Mao-kun take Kim with you and help out Aya I already send in instruction to Doc. Yuya and gomen, I am suspended Sakurai’s order” an answer “no, this conference is adjourned just inform me once it’s done”

Jun put a bottle of beer and Mie grab it “Arigato MatsuJun” Jun smiled “I guess you would need this for you to rest the whole night and regain your strength” Mie smiled back and raise her bottle “kampai!” Jun gesture a cheers and drink from his own bottle. No one still talking since Mie still busy with his computer although after about 2 bottles Mie stopped working and close her laptop then Nino asked “what serum are you guys researching”

Mie smiled “it's the antidote of the serum given to those people in the lab I showed you two days ago” Jun arch his brow “since when did you guys became a chemist?” Mie laugh “we thought of helping Doc. Yuya since we still haven’t locate the evil lair” Sho asked “why are you so into it?” Mie eyed Sho “because it would help us defeat the syndicate and I wanted this case to come to an end” Ohno look up at her “Is it just about the case or Ryou?” Mie didn’t answer and gulp from her bottle instead.

Toma was trying to open up the 5thbottle Mie hold his hands to stop him “You should stop or else you would get drunk and unable to do any exercise tomorrow” Toma just ignore her then try to sip on his 5thbottle. Mie looked at Sho and Aiba direction then take another gulp on her beer.

By the time Toma is almost half of his bottle, she know that he is already tipsy because of the way he grab his bottle from the table. Nino stood up to go to the toilet then Sho settled himself beside her. She finished her 4thbottle when she is about to open her 5thbottle Toma’s hand stopped her “Toma-chan you know I can drink better than you do” Toma shake his head, Mie sigh “You can talk to me and say anything you want even if you are not drunk”

Toma was still holding her hands and then look her in the eye “If you don’t want me just tell it to my face and stop playing games with me” Mie smile apologetically “Toma-chan this is not the right time and place to talk about this” then sigh and look everyone in the room apologetically before continuing ”I am also not sure on how to fix things between us” She is all blushing and look at Ohno, Nino and Jun again “Sorry, he is like this when he is frustrated and drunk”

Toma still looking at her started again with an accusing voice “I am not drunk! You just don’t want to fix things up that is why you are trying to push me away” Mie look at Toma this time “I am not pushing you away. it’s just that a lot of things happen, and it has been two years. I-I just don’t know how to act when you are near me. It’s complicated” then she get her hand back and open up the bottle to sip from it.

Then Aiba cleared his throat and says “Sho-chan I guess it is time you tell them, specially Toma-kun” Mie looked at Sho who nodded and say “I guess it can’t be helped” she grab her communicator and gesture for them to be quiet “Yuri-pon, it’s me again Major Miyamoto can you disable all the security devices from dorm 17 theta we are discussing an important case and we needed no one to hear it” an answer from the other end “Tell them it is authorize by General Sakurai of Tokyo” another answer “thanks” then she turned to Sho and nodded.

Sho started with “Did you guys remember the scandal about my father having an affair with someone and have an illegitimate child?” Nino, Jun, and Ohno nodded “It was true, although she is not an illegitimate daughter anymore since Okasan adopter her after her Biological mother died she was 6 yrs old by then” then sip from his bottle then continue.

“Her full name is Mie Miyamoto Sakurai, she is my half-sister” Sho look up on Aiba’s direction “Aiba knew about her too since when we graduated from the academy she was there with us. Not to mention Aiba-chan knows me and Mie since we were in Junior High” everyone look at Aiba’s direction who just nodded.

“I am still not used to being called with that last name so I keep my mother’s name which Otosan was always furious about but still respected my decision” Mie was shaking her head and get closer to Sho who wrap an arm around her shoulder.

“She lived with us until her Senior High School, she never wanted parties so she would just stay on her room and no one knew much about her and well no one dared to asked any of us if the rumor is true” Mie chuckled and continued “It was hard at first to live with people you know would hate you but then when Kaa-chan and Mai chan accepted me everything changes” Toma was looking at her, while Sho is smiling “I am just protecting my little sister”

“To protective actually, I must admit Nii-chan and Aiba-shii is pretty close to me, Nii-chan accepted me from the time I set foot on their house” Mie looked at Aiba “This information is classified so only my team and your team new about this not to mention Gen. Garcia, Gen. Kitagawa and Okada sensei”

Mie chuckle and remember “Otosan called us up on our 3rd day here to scold at Nii-chan he was surprised that I am here with you guys, he found out I dropped out on my dancing in New york because a letter was sent to him saying I can still go back if I wanted to” Sho shake his head but smiling.

“Mie, Shun and Mai. are also close with each other, some even think Mie and Mai are twins but they have different personality, Mie is Otosan’s favorite. He was surprised we are able to keep it from him for about five years now” Aiba was now laughing with them “Why am I not surprise, I can see the facial expression of Gen. Sakurai while you’re batting your lashes and kissing him” Mie and Sho laugh hard this time then Mie tried to continue “I didn’t know Gen. Kitagawa and Gen. Garcia is on the room with us, I thought it was only us”

Nino and Ohno smiled while Jun is laughing with them now when Mie’s communicator lit up “Inoue-kun Nani?” then an answer from the other end “Sure you can come right over we can discuss it here, grab Kim and Aya too” then she eyed everyone “Sorry, I need to discuss something with my team. Since I am confined here” then look at Sho before continuing “they would need to come right up”

Sho scowl at her “Nii-chan, it is your fault and decision that is why I am unable to do things I needed to do” then look at Toma “You may also want to discuss with your team what they have just find out” Ohno nodded but then Sho asked her again “you are not going to 23LG again” Mie smiled bitterly “Nii-chan, Ryou is my responsibility as you witnessed-” Sho stood up “We can just dispose him he is a criminal after all”

Mie stood up this time and furious “Do that and whoever touches him would have to go through me first, even if that person is you nii-chan I would give my life to protect Ryou” Sho also stood up “you are protecting a criminal out of control and he even hurt you” Mie answered back “Ryou is not a criminal he is a victim! he is just there because he is being cured and we are now able to find an antidote”

Sho raised his hands “arguing with you is useless” Mie smiled bitterly “probably because I am as stubborn as you and Otosan” Sho is shaking his head “that is completely out of point” then Aiba cleared his throat before cutting them off “Alright people this is a siblings fight I guess” Mie look at Aiba “but he is being a pain in the ass, he didn't even apologize to you guys properly”

Sho smug “I don't need to apologize to anyone” Mie shake his head “you hurt Toma-pon and these guys for not telling them who I am so you need to apologize to these guys” Toma shake his head then finished his bottle “Sorry I thought you were- you know” Mie chuckled “You were not the only one ne?” Then eyed Ohno and Nino along with Jun Who blushed

“see these guys were also thinking the same as you. Anyway off to bed Toma-chan and go straight to sleep I put the pill on your side table drink it” Toma nodded and stand up but got out of balance and fell on Mie’s lap “You are such a baby Toma-chi” then they hear a knock on the door.

Aiba opened it and gesture for the ladies to get inside, when Inoue saw Toma on Mie’s lap then her eyes catch the bottle of beer on the table Mie smiled “Sorry I tried to stop him but he won’t listen” Aya and Kim exchange a meaningful look “Introduction minna, Girls meet my boys team Colonel Ohno, Lieutenant Colonel Sakurai as you know him, Major Ninomiya, Major Masaki, Major Matsumoto, and the baby on my lap Major Ikuta”

Girls giggled along with Mie “Guys meet my Troop Major Daidoji, Major Mao of course” then give Jun a playful wink “then Major Sato” They bow their heads with each other “Aya can you help me out with him?” Aya laugh while shaking her head “The last time I saw him like that was the night you left him without a word” Mie scowl at her “You never know when to shut up do you” Ohno tried to Grab Toma but Mie stopped him.

Then Inoue smiled at them “It’s okay we can handle him You guys enjoy your beer here” Mei asked Jun “MatsuJun can you give Mao-kun 4 beers so we can have a drink while we are discussing?” Jun stood up and nodded “Arigato, Nii-chan you are not allowed to enter our room nor eavesdrop on us do you understand?”

Sho nodded “Kazu, Aiba-shii I’ll expect you to guard Nii-chan and no one is allowed to pass through the stairs” Nino and Aiba nodded while Aya commented “bossy again with these boys are we?” Mie laugh and grabbed Toma’s right arm “I am not bossy, I just needed them to behave themselves while you guys are here” Aya grab Toma’s left arm Kim asked “if you are worried then why do we need to have our discussion here?”

“its because I am unable to leave this quarters under further noticed, as order by Lieutenant Col. Sakurai” then Mie darted a meaningful look at Sho’s direction. Kim arch her brows “is that even legal I mean you are under Chuck, no offence Lieutenant” Mie pouted “Chuck transferred me under him” Inoue looked at her then started “I think Nii-chan-” but Mie cut her off “enough Mao-kun just go with MatsuJun”

They lay Toma in his room, Mie give him the pill and let him drink it, before leaving Toma grab her hand “stay with me” Mie chuckle while Aya rolled her eyes and commented “You’re really such a baby when you're drunk” Mie gesture to close the door, when she know she is alone with him she brush Toma’s hair and give him a kiss in his forehead “Go to sleep now, I am just in the other room” Toma smiled then says “Sorry” with a hoarse voice, Mie smiled “You didn’t know Sho-chan is my brother it’s fine”

Toma pull her down and hugged her “I missed you mine” Mie smile but stay put “promise me we would fix us after this training” Mie stiffen “I can’t promise you that since I still have case to finish-” Toma cut her off and hugged her tightly “Just promise me we would fix this once we get a chance outside” Mie sigh because she knows how stubborn Toma can be “fine, promise now go to sleep I need to work” Toma give her a light kiss on her temple and release her