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[sticky post] Konichiwa! Hajimemashite!

Hi! almost new to this fandom but so far I am having a lot of fun!
meeting new senpai and people I am just so happy!
thank you for visiting my profile! oh I also write hehe this is my way
of releasing my stress since I found out about LJ...comments are loved and welcome

Dream Drabble

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5.1 - 5.2 - 5.3 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 -
13.1 - 13.2 - 14.1 - 14.2 - Interlude - 15 - SoulMate - 16 -
17 - 18 - 19 - 20 - 21

New Series :

Cruel Spin of Fate: Appointed Duty or Duty for Oneself

Prologue - Meeting and Departure - Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 - Day 4 -
Special Mission - Word of Honor - Confession - Deadly Secret -
Game of Fate - Complications 1.1 - Complications 1.2 -
Complications 1.3 - Complications 1.4 - Truth or Dare

I am able organized my fic chapters...so I posted the next chapter of this fic...
I am trying my best to organize my LiveJournal since I can only log in on my off and
if it is at night when everyone else is asleep...
hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I did writing it... comments are welcome and

Previous Chapter


After dinner they decided to play truth or dare, everyone participated then they start spinning the bottle and it first landed to Aya who was asked why did she join the army then she answered “I was pretty much lost by then, and don’t know what to do with my life, my mom got killed along with my sister. I am seeking for revenge later that I found out my father is in the Army like me a special task force, but got assassinated by a syndicate. I joined the army so I can catch all the people who killed my family let them pay for what they did to my family”

Aiba followed up “was the case resolved? I mean have you catched them?” Aya smiled and darted her gaze to Mie “Yup, I am able to get my revenge and I was able to kill them using my own hands thanks to Mie-pon but sad part is because of my recklessness Mei got involved and was able to suffer the consequence of bearing the serum hontoni gomenasai ne” Mie smiled “daijoubu Aya-rin, I would do it again so you can fulfill your goal, besides your my nee-chan neh” then wink at her direction.

Then Inoue spin the bottle and it stopped on Kim who was asked with the same question she answered “I am like Mie an illegitimate child, after my kaa-san died, tou-san remarried but eventually died as well. My stepmother and stepsister would torture me and would let me do work for them, until one day I found out that they sold me to a rich guy, so I run away from home Gen. Garcia saw me that night offer me her house, I got amaze how she can help others in need and so I ask her if I can go to a military school and then these girls become my sisters and so here I am”

Aya give Kim a pat on her shoulder while Inoue put her arm on Kim’s waist then the ladies said in unison “okaeri!!!” Kim giggled and answer them with a bow “tadaima desu” then Aya spin the bottle, and it stop on Ohno who selected truth.

Aya asked the question “is it true, that you have a crush on Mie-chan when she joined your group?” all eyes were on Ohno this time Ohno awkwardly nodded and answered “hai, I even told Sho about it who glare at me” Mie laugh and commented “you guys were spending a lot of times with just boys that’s why” Ohno looked at her direction then shake his head and says “ei, I really like you a lot” with a serious voice.

Mie blushed and asked Aya to spin the bottle who giggled along with Kim and Inoue, then the bottle stopped on Nino, Kim was too giddy to ask a question “was it true that Mie-pon was the only girl who was able to get your attention” without hesitation Nino nodded and smiled “yup, she is good in our games not to mention she beat me in world of darkness”

Aya smiled wickedly “if Sho-nii-sama would allow it are you going to court her?” Mie blushed because Nino is just beside her and was surprise when he grab her hand “actually I was about to ask permission from Sho-chan and Gen. Sakurai” Inoue, Kim and Aya giggled again, but Sho grab Mie by her shoulder.

Aya spin the bottle again then it stopped in front of Toma, Chuck cleared his throat and asked him a question “You only have to choose one, would it be your duty to the country or your happiness?” everyone looked from Chuck to Toma, they can all sense the tension except Mie who bowed her head and utter the words she knew very well Toma would answer “Duty to oneself” Kim asked “meaning?” Toma looked at Mie’s direction who is still not looking at him.

“I would give up my badge to find my happiness” this time Mie was shocked and look at his direction, then at Chuck who nodded in understanding. Then Aya spin the bottle and it stopped on Mie. Chuck smiled and asked the same question to her “You only need to choose one, Duty to your country or your happiness?”

Mie smiled while shaking her head and look up to chuck “you already know the answer right? Duty to oneself” she spare a glance at Toma’s direction before she continue “that is to fulfill my duty to our country” Chuck chuckle and look back “no regrets?” Mie nodded “yup no regrets, besides I get to work with Nii-chan and Tou-san their safety is more important”

Sho hug Mie tightly “for as long as I am alive I will protect you with all that I have” Mie hugged Sho back “I know, arigato” Aya turn the bottle while Inoue commented “you guys are too sweet to be siblings” then the bottle pointed at Sho this time then Aya asked “Nii-chan, I am curious about this is it okay?”

Sho nodded then Aya continued “Mie-rin says you were always protective of her and treated her well from the time she arrive on your doorstep. Is there a time where you hated Mie I mean Mai actually neglected her at first as well but it was just for a bit what about you?”

Sho shake his head “I didn’t hate her, I already knew tou-san is seeing Mie’s kaa-san. As you all know Mai and Mie was born on the same day, Tou-san brought me to see both of them, so I know Mie is my sister” Mie looked at Sho who continued “Tou-san and Kaa-chan has been fighting a lot and tou-san even thought of divorce but Mie’s kaa-san blackmailed him she told tou-san she would not let him see Mie if he divorce kaa-chan”

Sho looked at everyone in the room before he continued “I am against tou-san’s affair but I saw the other side of Tou-san when he is with her. When she got sick we visited her in the hospital I always go with him because I wanted to see Mie too, he would spend time with Mie in the garden, while I would go directly to Kaa-chan’s room and would just watch them from there. She is fond of me even though I wasn’t formally introduced to Mie since it is too complicated and she is still young. Kaa-chan know I love and accepted Mie as my imouto”

Sho stop for a bit to put an arm around Mie’s shoulder again before he continue “we were talking at that time about Mie and then she asked me to take care of Mie-chan she says she can feel her life is nearing its end. I don’t want her to die so I argue with her and say no, but then she cried and beg so I gave my word. That was the last time I saw her smiled sweetly at me and hugged me because the next day Tou-san told me she passed away and that Mie is going to live with us” Mie smiled “and since then I always stayed in his room neh nii-chan?”

Sho nodded “although we have different rooms, Mai and Mie would always sneak out to my room even if Aiba would sleepover, that’s why I asked Tou-san for a huge bed” Aiba nodded and commented “yeah and we would be sleeping around 2am, obasan caught what we were doing, since then she would only allow sleepover if it's weekend”

Aya smiled and Kim commented “Mie-rin you are so lucky to be part of your family” Mie smiled happily and proud “hai, I am so lucky to have them” then Kim spin the bottle again this time it stopped on Chuck, they can feel the tension again since Toma is the one who asked this time “Do you like Mie?” Ohno, Nino and Sho all looked at Chuck's direction while Aya commented “that's a good question I am curious myself”

Mie giggled and stand from where she is seated while Chuck stand and grab Mie on her waist, she willingly put her arms around Chuck's shoulder and put her other hand on the back of Chuck’s neck to steady him. Then she gestured to kiss him everyone was shock and gaping at them but when Mie’s lips about to touch Chuck’s, he duck his head and hide his face on Mie’s neck while Mie laugh out loud this time.

Chuck was blushing but still hugging Mie and hiding his face on her shoulder. Kim, Inoue, and Aya stand up and asked in unison “what was that all about?” Mie tried to calm herself but having a hard time while Chuck answered this time “I love Mie with all that I have, and she knows about it right babe?” Sho was confused also asked “what was that scene all about?”

Mie still laughing tried to explain it “I always do that to him every time someone would ask if he is my boyfriend and stuff, as always he would blush like crazy he look so cute and adorkable” Kim and Aya arch their brows “really now” Mie laugh again “it was a play in New York we were asked to do the said scene but he always does that” Aya asked “what play?”

Mie answered “we were given a week to file our withdrawal slip in our previous school remember? So I went to New York to file my withdrawal form, while Chuck was on vacation in NY too. My senpai who apparently knew him along with the play director ask us to act for that particular scene and that's what happen” Inoue laugh “I see that was a week after you got sick and when you guys returned from NY the rumour about you guys sleeping together got even stronger since you guys have gotten too close so that explains it”

Mie just laugh out again and commented “and not the last rumour as you can see” then eyed the Nagoya team then the girls laugh along with Chuck and Inohara. Another spin of bottle and it again stopped in front of Mie. Aya was excited and asked “truth or dare?” Mie think for a moment then answered “truth, demo chotto it’s unfair it should be Maochan’s or Aiba-shi’s turn”

Her whining got ignored since Aya and Kim asked in unison “between Ohno, Nino, Captain, Ryou, Chuck and Toma who would you choose if you only get to choose one” Mie smiled wickedly “that would be pretty obvious isn’t it?” Aya and Kim was puzzled asked “who?” Mie wink at Inoue who nodded and laugh along with Jun and Aiba “a soldier of course” Aya and Kim were still puzzled says “ehh?” Mie then answered them “meaning we would be flying back to training camp early tomorrow so we should go to bed, oyasumi nasai”

Mie stand up and give Aiba a hug and kiss good night then Inohara and Chuck. She asked Sho to give her a piggy ride back to her room everyone follow them then she kiss Sho goodnight before closing the door.

At midnight Mie woke up and went down to get water when she open the ref she caught Toma and Nino behind her. she smiled and bid them goodnight again but Toma hold her arm “why are you avoiding me?” Mie didn’t answer but remove Toma’s hand on her arm.

Then Toma asked “do you mean what you answered earlier?” Mie answered him without looking back “it's a truth or dare game so why would I lie, besides you of all people should know how dedicated I am in being a soldier”

Nino sense there is a tension between Mie and Toma so Nino put an arm on Mie’s shoulder and drag her back to the stairs “let's get some sleep we would be up in 3am remember” Mie nodded and let Nino drag her when she is in front of Sho’s room “I’ll stay with Nii-chan” then she give Nino a hug and kiss him good night.

She opened Sho’s room it was not locked she slip herself in Sho’s comforter who hugged her “I heard what Toma asked you does it mean your not giving Him another chance?” Mie sigh “it depends on this mission and the things I needed to do”

Sho nodded “Mie-chan why did you do that to Chuck?” Mie giggled this time “because he has been honest to me about his feelings I mean” Sho clear his throat it is Mie’s cue to continue “He said he had fallen for me demo I am too late to meet him and I know how loyal he is to his fiancée, who is my senpai in New York” Sho smiled then Mie continued with a chuckle “senpai asked him to take good care of me so he doesn’t have a choice does he”

Sho laugh “now I know why he is so protective of you, what I am curious about is your situation and Toma aren’t you going to give him a chance?” Mie sigh “nii-chan I thought you would protect me?” Sho hugged her tightly “Yes, but if you love him I would not be the reason to take away your happiness from you but he still need to prove himself to me”

Mie look up at Sho “what I said earlier is true, my happiness is being with you and Tou-san, a soldier who would understand what I love and who would accept me as it is would be a bonus” then wink at Sho, who give her a kiss on her forehead and says “alright then for now go to sleep” Mie nodded and whisper “hmmm oyasuminasai nii-chan” then make herself comfortable under Sho’s arm.

Dream Drabble: Chapter 21

Note:So I just posted another chapter it has been a while, not so sure when will be the next one
since I am still editing it...comments are welcome and hope you enjoy reading ;)

Previous Chapter

They decided to have dinner at the hotel, so Ronald arrived at around 6:30 for the preparations while Mikee asked Aries “Hon, did Ron manage a hotel that is why he is missing for a couple of years?” Aries smiled and answered “sorry Hon, but my lips are sealed although you know Ron he can go places and God knows what he is up to” Mikee pouted and says “but that doesn’t answer my question” Aries laugh “impatient again are we? You can ask him later” at around 7 they were called at the restaurant below the hotel and food were already being served.

Mikee asked Ronald while they are eating but Ronald just answered her “Babe, relax you’ll meet him later since he would be joining us in a few” then they started eating and chitchats. Mikee is in between Ace and Erwin again then all of a sudden Ron smiled and stand up along with Aries.

Both guys greeted the newly arrived man Mikee is still puzzled but then smiled when she recognized him “Uncle Tony!” then give him a hug “are you guys enjoying your stay?” Mikee nodded and smiled “so this is your hotel huh” Tony smiled “yes, Ron called me up and says you will be here along with your client’s so I reserved the penthouse for all of you”

Mikee hugged Tony tightly “you’re simply the best uncle thank you” then Mikee again introduce Tony to everyone “Uncle Tony is actually Aries Uncle, he is the younger brother of Dada, he is our sponsor since Junior High” Tony take a bow and ask how is the food and accommodations but since all of them says they are comfortable Tony nodded and inform everyone if they needed anything just feel free to ask a room service.

Then Tony face Mikee “I needed to keep going, I needed to be in the bar to check if everything is fine. I’ll see you in a bit okay?” Mikee nodded and give him a kiss goodbye, then Ron says “no worries babe, we would follow uncle Tony in his bar after we finished our dinner” Mikee nodded then Sho shake his head and commented “seriously Mi-chan how do you know all of these people and even asking their service free of charge”

Mikee laugh along with the other girls then Nino also commented “yeah I mean seriously up until now the only money I spent was the plane ticket and the gift I gave to Jacob and that is all” Aya answered “you should get used to it whenever you are traveling with her” then Steph continue “yeah, I was shock the first time too but after a while we just get used to it” Mikee answered while grabbing Aries and Ronald “hey, I won’t take all the credit since I asked help from my best friends too you know” and gave them a playful wink.

They arrived at Tony’s club it’s actually a bar they were able to skip the long line since they are with Ronald and Aries, when finally they are in Tony welcome them again and directed them to one of the VIP lounges when they are all settled Uncle Tony asked her to perform Mikee is hesitant while Arashi were waiting who would explain to them what Tony is asking “but were not complete I mean I haven't contacted Edison, and Clavyn sorry but I don’t want to perform if I am not with them” Tony smiled wickedly while opening the door near him then two guys showed up “any other request?”

Mikee still can’t believe her eyes but hug the two guys “Oh my god! Since when did you two arrived I mean Clavyn you are in LA right?” Clavyn just smiled hug her before answering “got a call from Uncle Tony so I flew right away” then Edison who also hug her answered “I am just here in Florida remember? Besides it’s rare for me to see you and Aries together, I miss you so much babe” Arashi who are still puzzled wanted to ask but Aya speaks “alright, Zap Online is complete so can we see you perform?”

Tony handed Mikee an outfit “this would suit you on the stage” Mikee was still hesitant and arch her brows “so this was the surprise Ron was talking about?” Ron smiled sheepishly while nodding but then she voiced out her concern “I don’t know uncle, I mean we need to set up and we haven’t practiced any song” Edison smiled “everything is all set, we just need to change” then Clavyn continue “yup we set up earlier,  all we need now is our vocalist so shall we?” Mikee smiled while shaking her head “fine for old time sake, let’s do this” then looked at everyone in the room give playful wink then grab the outfit Tony giving her before getting out of the lounge.

Uncle Tony bow his head and ask an apology to everyone “sorry everyone I just miss seeing them performing” Jun asked “performing?” Tony nodded and smiled proudly “Yes they are actually a band and can perform, the last time I saw them perform was on their college days, they got separated a year after graduation so they also stopped performing”

Then Ace continued “they organize a school band when they were in junior high and well it lasted until they were in college” Ohno and Nino nodded then Erwin continued “at first it was just a school band but then they start performing outside school, joining battle of the bands and even perform in clubs. But we only allow her if its weekends”

Then all their attention was focused when the DJ announces that there is a band performing “after 5 years, they are here to perform and rock the club and this is just for Tonight! please welcome ZAP Online” people give a round of applause while the spotlight focused to where the band is Mikee is now holding the mike stand and looked at Ronald’s direction who count using his drumsticks for cue.

They started playing Bring me to life their own rendition, after that they started playing Paramore “I’m alive” then “Brighter” this time Mikee introduced member of their band “everyone meet my drummer man Ron!” Then Ron played skillfully on his drums then “my beloved bassist Aries” who also played skillfully “my rhythm buddy Clavyn” then she faced Edison “lastly my charming lead Edison”

Then they played “Pressure” for their final song, people were crazy on the floor on the instrumental part Mikee tried to switch places with Edison and then Ronald who asked her to play one handed then switch to Aries everyone is now cheering then after the song they all bow their heads and Mikee bid everyone to enjoy the rest of the night. But people are cheering for another Song Mikee smiled and asked them to give a song request and they would select it on 2nd half.

When they got back Mikee asked Sho and Jun for Opinion “so how did we do out there?” Sho smiled and shake his head “you didn’t mention anything about this!” Mikee smiled “MatsuJun, any thoughts?” Jun smiled “you guys pull it off!” Nino also commented “the rendition you have is pretty cool” Then Ohno also praised Mikee “You are good when you were playing around guitars you haven’t mentioned that too” Mikee just bow and says“thank you glad you guys liked it”

Then Mikee claimed her seat beside Leigh “sorry I left you out” Leigh smiled ”it’s fine I know you missed doing it with them, besides Steph is here to keep me company so it's all right” Uncle Tony smiled while looking at them “so, you guys are still together?” Mikee laugh “Uncle stop teasing us, as if you don't know” Tony laugh “well can’t help it although I must admit you have a more complex relationship now a days” they eyed Aries, Ohno, Nino and Jun.

“Anyway you guys enjoy the rest of the night, Princess thank you in performing tonight I’ll see you guys around” Mikee arch her brows “and what's that supposed to mean?” Her band mates laugh this time, Clavyn and Ron commented in unison “same old Mikee” they all laugh again while she pouted “I miss out on something again haven't I” Clavyn who is seated near Mikee put an arm around her “you haven't changed one bit seriously babe” then Edison continued “babe, no offence with your memory loss but pay attention to your surroundings or else you would be having another set of Edison, Ron, and Fhidz all over again”

Aya and Steph elbowed Edison at the same time then Frezzy hissed “stop it Edz, eventually she would remember everything” Mikee is now thinking when Aries gave her a box with papers “alright choose 3 songs we would be playing” Mikee pull out 3 papers then faced Aries while reading out the songs then she smiled “you would be playing this” and grab both Aries and Leigh.

Inside the Four walls of My Dark Room

It’s new year demo I feel so alone…

I miss how I spend my new year with you…

I miss our banter when we would be both in the kitchen and would tell Achie and the others to prepare what we wanted to eat…

We are unable to talk to each other since we would be busy greeting our friends and all, when our grandfather clock chimes at 12 we would always look at each other and give each other a hug and greeted each other “Feliz año nuevo” I remember it so well since you would always whisper “te amo mi princesa, una nueva aventura y capítulo espera para nosotros, yo soy tan orgulloso de ustedes”

I would always answer you back with “hmm, te amo mas abuelo, you will always be with me ne you promised” you would hug me tight and would answer “sí, en cada paso del camino y siempre” then we would be outside celebrating with everyone else.

As I welcome the year today, I saw the moon and wanted to cry but as I am with my mom and uncle I can't let them see me crying so I have to put up a mask that I am the ever joyful and happy go lucky “me” but as I am left alone for about 2 minutes another memory flashed and I smiled bitterly.

It was the time I celebrated new year with my father side, quadro de alas would always stick to one place, before the new year countdown everyone is busy, girls would be gather in one room to gift wrap gifts, tradition we had since our grandfather and grandma are still alive, we give gifts on New Year and not on Christmas.

Since I am with My Nii-chan and two cousins I am going to be the princess no one can tell me to do things, until the last minute when 12mn strikes we would light a torch and start a parade then we would be having fire crackers but since you know I hate smoke coming from fire crackers you guys would be joining me in my room we would start drinking from there until they are done with firecrackers that would be the only time we would come out.

We would stick with each other no matter what, we would hug and greet each other happy new year. Photos would be taken every angle then we would start drinking again until we are all wasted. We would wait till the sun rise and then that would be the only time we would be stop drinking.

Then the next day we would have continuation of what we haven’t finish a simple way we celebrate, a simple way of how we greet each other but you know that they would be with you until the end. A promise that they always have your back and that they wouldn’t leave you behind. No words needed to be said a smile and tight hug is all we have but means a lot.

A simple gesture that means a lot to us, a simple way of how we say “thanks for being there and I love you” my other cousins love to tease me and you guys would be joining them but at the end of the day I know and feel it in my heart I am still there baby. My aunt's and uncle's along with other cousin's won’t believe me ever.

Each and every time I would tell them you guys are the best Brothers. They wouldn't believe since we all have the image of a black sheep, a easy go lucky and no good people. But behind those tough mask, behind those mysterious smile lies a warm and soft heart, there lies the person who is wounded and a person needed to be taken care off.

Now I am crying, good thing everyone is asleep, good thing my room is as dark as the cave, good thing I am all alone, been asking why I feel like this, why all of a sudden those memories came rushing. Been asking why do I feel so alone. Want to ask why have you broken your promise, why did you left so soon, why didn't you tell me you would be leaving so I have time to prepare. No one can answer me but one thing's for sure. I missed my grandpa soo much it hurts, I miss him dearly and I miss my brother too.

I would just look at my brother and two cousin's and they would know I needed a hug, they would just look at me and they already know what to do, they would try their very best to make me smile and not feel alone. Its new year and I know I shouldn't feel this nor posting this demo I just need to take this out of my chest… gomen.

Last Date for the Year 

dnnxxnndThanks I had fun with our Ramen dinner and it's good ;)
This is going to be our last date for the year ne?
next one would be for next year ;)
Excited for our 2018 planner date...

I had fun today we had Ramen for Dinner...
We also had a good laugh on what happen on our Christmas weekend...
Wild Cats Christmas party is also the best!!!
ohh and we had Coffee too demo the place we wanted to have coffee is full
but it's fine at least we get to explore the place...

unfortunately we haven't got our Yogurt date again hopefully in 2018...
we also had a small exchange gift hehe one of our goals is to be
more organized on 2018 hehe we have personal planner, we have arashi planner
ohh and we have financial planner and the gift is an accesory to our financial planner

so 2018 we are ready !!!


Year End Adventure with my Aniki 💙

Had a fun, laughter filled day with my nii-chan demo he actually teased me
first and swear I am throwing tantrums and all but at the end
he just called me up and says he wanted to go on a road trip with
me not sure why they love teasing me first before telling me what
they want it's actually easer to say "Imouto can you spend the day
with me" instead of teasing me and I almost became a brat and all
perks of being the youngest sister I guess...

any how he helped our cousin actually
the only problem is that he brought his car with him demo
since he is not familiar with the place he is afraid in getting lost
and found out that they actually get lost going here and its no good
since both of them don't even know how to read map...

since I am a good Imouto (I think) I became his tour guide and
a walking google map for him and our adventure begin so we drive
through the busy streets of Manila he treated me lunch paid for my
cab and even treated me lots and lots of coffee but he asked me to go
on diet already since it is not good for my health since I just got sick last week

he also ask me what gift I wanted and give me 5 sec to choose demo he is pointing
at the Pink, ruffuly dress like seriously he know I love blue and pink is the least fav
(No offense to those who loves pink) ahuhuhu teaser yeah? anyway he manages to
pay for everything I eat and drink and even manages to make me laugh hard that
I almost cried so my Christmas gift from him is pretty much awesome neh?
memories I can keep in my heart until we get old just like the old times

I guess he also misses me the same way I missed him when we were still in our
hometown and always together and inseparable as if no one can bring us down
since we are always there for each other no matter what happens.

Not everyone knows this but my nii-chan is actually sweet and kind same goes with my
other  two cousins but no one will believe me whenever I am saying this guess I am
special in seeing this ;)

which reminds me I hope our two cousin's Erwin-nii and Ace-nii can join our adventure next time
hontoni urashi desu, and I can't let this day pass with out posting this here even if I don't have
sleep so basically I am now awake for almost 32 hours (and counting without nap) awake I am still
hype up and since I have shift working ;)

Nii-chan hontoni arigatou in taking care of me and even though I am a brat at times
and throwing tantrums and all you still love me and well I am not sure if I would be
thankful for this or what but all of you are guys (older boys cousins) still treating me
as your baby

hontoni arigatou for today, you know I am just a call away when you needed me
and you know I would always have your back no matter what happens
love you nii-chan and missing you already



Law of Attraction


1. Create some Free Time
2. Try not to expect anything
3. Take 2-20 minutes walk
4. Compliment someone
5. Take only One photo
6. Be thankful for 3 things
7. Avoid toxic people
8. Avoid negative affirmations
9. Smile Back
10. Listen to music for the mood
you want to be in

1. Throw away what you don't need
2. Journal for 10minutes
3. FInish a book in 30 days
4. Practise self-care for 15 minutes
5. Meditate for 5-15minutes
6. Wake up at the same time
7. Do one random act of Kindness
8. Communicate with a friend
9. Every sunday cook for a week
10. Add new details to your dream board

1. Talk to a stranger
2. Review long-held beliefs
3. Try a new hobby
4. Media-fast for 30days
5. Ditch a bad habit you have
6. Be the "Yes" man
7. Don't lie for 30 days
8. Do something that scares you
9. Don't complain for 3days
10. Get a professional qualification in 3 days

I personally have done most of the easy and midium but the hard hmmm still thinking about it hahaha
posting a random thought while stressing out at work 💙💛💖💜💚

Too Good at Goodbyes...

I know this is not Arashi demo I fall for this Song...

I have experience the said heart break and now I think I have had enough...

To me before  I hate Goodbyes but I have learn a lesson....

" I'm never gonna let you close to me
Even though you mean the most to me
'Cause every time I open up, it hurts
So I'm never gonna get too close to you
Even when I mean the most to you
In case you go and leave me in the dirt

I have loved once berfore and got played around...

From here on I already know what to I must do...

I would still believe in the saying some things are meant to be

"But every time you hurt me, the less that I cry
And every time you leave me, the quicker these tearsdry
And every time you walk out, the less I love you
Baby, we don't stand a chance, it's sad but it's true"

for now I can say I am good at goodbyes...

MieLeigh_(- _-,)

Dream Drabble: Chapter 20

Previous Chapter

They arrive in Florida at 11am Charlie is already at the airport waiting for them, when Mikee saw her godfather she immediately run towards him “Uncle Charlie” the man who is as tall as her dad but a bit bigger smiled at her and hugged her tight “Princess, I missed you” Mikee answered back “miss you more and thanks for picking us up”

Charlie smiled “your dad would be furious if I don't pick you up, besides I am going to meet Jaguar” Mikee shake his head then call up Allen who jog to where she is “Uncle meet my twin, Allen A.K.A Jaguar” Allen smiled and shake Charlie's hands “pleasure to meet you Sir” but then Charlie is now star struck and unable to say anything.

“M, is he okay?” Mikee laugh then shouted to the rest of the group “guys you can choose which of these ride you want to board I am starving so I need lunch” then everyone loaded the 3 car Mikee directed them, while Mikee drag her uncle to the Van and asked for his keys “Uncle Charlie I would be driving and Leigh sit beside me will you?”

Charlie was still shock but manages to get inside the van and Allen sit beside him “Sir, is it really fine to intrude your place for lunch?” Charlie recovered this time and answered “it's fine, better actually sorry about my reaction. It's just that I can’t believe I am sitting next to Jaguar I mean “the Jaguar” and please call me uncle”

Mikee giggled “sorry Allen, he is your number one fan when it comes to drifting, he never miss out on your competition” Allen was now amazed “wow, really? Thank you so much in supporting me” Charlie is now proud “from the time I saw you doing the drift in your Junior High I didn't doubt your talent but Mikee why didn’t you told me he is your friend?” Mikee laugh before answering “you haven't asked me about it and also I don't want to oblige you to always pick me up whenever I am here in Florida, I don't want to disturb you except now since I needed a ride for my clients” Charlie shake his head “always full of surprises”

They reach Charlie's house and lunch is already waiting for them then Mikee introduced her clients to Charlie “Uncle these are my clients well friends actually, Aiba, Sho, Nino, Ohno and Jun” then directed to the girls “meet my best friends I bet you heard their name from Dad. Stephanie, then Frezzy and Ashley my business partners, and Aya “the falcon” who is also a twin of Allen literally” Charlie's eyes widen “seriously? They are twins?” Mikee nodded “yup, oh and Aries and Leigh I bet you still remember them right?” Charlie greeted the last 2 men with glee “so nice to see you both is Mikee giving you a hard time?”

Leigh and Aries smiled sheepishly while shaking their heads then Sho noticed that Leigh and Aries are surprisingly behaved “did these guys suffered concussion while we are flying over? I mean both of them are behaved” Mikee giggled then Charlie wave a hand and says “oh speaking of behaved, that reminds me Ace and Erwin make sure this two guys are always away from each other I don't want my car to be repaired for almost 2 months again” Mikee laugh along with the girl's “Uncle can we have our lunch first before you tell them the tale of your car repair?” Charlie laugh “yes let's save it for dessert”

After lunch they settled on the verandah while the boys were asking Charlie to tell them the story, Sho can’t help himself and keep on asking Charlie to tell them the story about the car repair “Oji-san please tell us the story, you promised us it would be after lunch” Charlie looked at Mikee who settled herself between Leigh and Aries.

Then Charlie started “well it happen here in this house just below where Mikee is seated, let’s just call her Princess shall we?” then wink at them playfully “it happens about 6 or 7 years ago Princess says she wanted to stay with us, we were surprise since she never comes here without reason really, but she told me she wanted to see the ocean and sunset then her best friend came when he was with her, Princess cried and not telling him why. Then right about after 30 minutes or so another car appeared then walk towards Princess”

“The newly arrived man rush to Princess Side and hugged her tight while asking who cause those tears to fall but Princess never say a word and just cried. Her best friend shut the newly arrived man with a not so good look so Princess introduced her best friend to the newly arrived but instead of shaking hands the best friend give his fist to the man’s face and then it started and no one can stop them fighting until the car which were parked below were smashed”

“Then it continued and the car had broken window the other car had a broken door really a mess. They just stopped when Princess shouted so hard that it made her faint” then Charlie stop for a bit to look on Mikee’s direction before continuing “so both men stopped fighting then carry Princess to her room at her room no one is talking and both were just there with bruised body and cut lips. When Princess woke up these guys starts arguing they would pay for the damages. Princess shouted at them and settled they would both pay for it. Naturally you guys knew who they are right?” Then Charlie looked at each of his listener while Mikee and the other girls were laughing.

Charlie noticed it and commented “so the ladies are actually aware of  what happen” Aya and Steph answer in unison “Yes!!” while Frezzy commented “Uncle we are actually here in Florida when that incident happens all girls I mean. 2days after the said incident Princess moved out from here and stayed with us in the hotel” Charlie nodded “yes, Princess asked permission after that and make sure everything is settled before she left, I see that is where she run off too”

Guys were shaking their heads then Nino commented “that sure is an expensive way to fight for Princess” Then they heard a car parked below and started shouting Mikee’s name and Charlie, Mikee patted Aries leg who run and see the newly arrived. When Aries get back Mikee is still in the bench and shouted “Ron” the new guy run towards Mikee but before he can hugged her Ace and Erwin stopped him by grabbing his arms the guy protested “come on, Ace , Er I haven't seen her in ages.”

Mikee chuckled “Nii-chan it’s alright haven't you two recognize him?” Then face Ronald “sorry Ron my cousin must have forgotten your face since you haven't show up for about 3 years” Ace and Erwin smiled then Ace says” were just playing with him” then laugh along with Erwin Ronald shake his head but smiled then asked “are they acting your goons again? Why is that?” Mie sigh “Ackie asked them to be my goons”

Ronald nodded then hugged her tightly “God, I missed you” then noticed Aries and Leigh sitting together “whoa! Am I seeing this correctly? Uncle Charlie is it fine to park my car below? Or is it a danger zone?” Everyone laugh, then Mikee introduced the newly arrived “guys meet my partner in crime here in Florida Ronald Fabregas, he offer us a place to stay and he is a childhood friend of Aries”

Ronald smiled but still not letting go of Mikee “alright, who is Ohno, Nino and Jun among these men?” Mikee was puzzled but then Aya stand up and greet him “Hey, don't scare them like that its rude” Ron smiled and give Aya a hug then Step and Frezzy “whoa there’s a newbie on the group, May I have your name?”

Mikee laugh “hands off Ronald she is my business partner Ashley” Ronald nodded then Mikee introduce Arashi to Ronald but after greeting them he face Leigh then says “are you worried about the competition?” Leigh smiled and offer his hands “nope not the slightest” then wink at him Ron smiled back “that’s my boy, anyway Uncle Charlie I would be getting them so they can rest for this afternoon since I have a surprise for Mikee”

Charlie nodded “oh, almost forgot about it Ace, Erwin these are the keys for the cars, Princess here is your key” Mikee’s eyes widen with glee “did dad asked you to give me a spare car?” Charlie smiled “nope, that’s my idea besides just bought it last week and I want you to try it”

Mikee hugged Charlie and utter her thanks then they all went down and grab their cars, Leigh is with Mikee along with Ohno, Nino, and Jun. While Aya and Steph join Ron and Aries and the rest divided themselves to Ace and Erwin. They all follow Ronald then they arrived at a hotel after they checked in Mikee asked Ron “hey, babe you haven’t told me you have a hotel here”

Ron laugh “it's not mine, but you’ll meet him later” Ron gather the keys from the counter then directed them to the penthouse Ronald then says “alright settle yourselves here and rest you guys wanted to have diner here or outside” Mikee answered “Aries can just call you up we haven’t decide on that” Ron nodded “alright, I’ll wait for that call and btw we would be going out for a drink after diner”

Mikee smiled “as always party goer but I don't think it's appropriate though” Allen smiled “it's okay M, we would start our practice tomorrow afternoon anyway” Mikee looked at Aya’s direction who nodded then Ronald continue “besides, your client are on vacation so let’s play around” Mikee shake her head otherwise agreed “fine, alright let's rest and have a drink tonight” Ron smiled then ask permission to leave “that’s settled then see you guys tonight” then give everyone a playful wink then kiss Mikee goodbye.

Mikee settled in the couch where Leigh is also sitting then she lay her head on his shoulder, Aries on the other hand settled himself beside her. When Ace and Erwin actually cleared their throat and then squeeze themselves on the sofa beside Mikee. The girls giggled about the gesture of her two cousins, mean while Mikee shake her head then says “Ace, Er I know my brother ask you guys to be my goons and all but that doesn’t mean you guys can bully my best friends?”

Ace just shrug his shoulders while Er was the one who says “we are just doing what we know is right, besides even if March didn’t ask us we are still going to protect you as it is. We are just following our instinct and its telling us that these guys are a threat since they would be running away with our princess and we will not let that happen” Mikee roll her eyes and says “God, and here we are with this discussion again” Aya and Frezzy were laughing while Steph commented “Sorry M, I guess you would be growing old alone” Mikee look at Steph’s direction and sarcastically commented “You think?” then everyone in the room laugh.

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Dream Drabble: Chapter 19

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Mikee park her car on the drive way and give her keys to one of their drivers, she had a few folders with her and her laptop when Aché Mayet open the door for her “Bienvenido a casa, su invitado está dentro” Mikee smile “gracias ache” then the lady grab her laptop but she said she can handle it, when Leigh suddenly get the laptop from her.

Mikee smiled and put her arms around his waist “you would come with us in Florida right?” Leigh smiled “I would think about it since they are not comfortable with me being around you” then gesture her clients who is apparently looking at them Mikee smiled “Ohayou, gomen I haven't waited for you guys to wake up before I left Aya’s place”

Sho nodded “it's fine we had an interesting morning anyway” Mikee was puzzled but answered “good, I’ll ask you about it later but for now I would need to finish few more paper works so I would be in my study room for a bit but I would join you guys at lunch” then face Leigh “and you will be stuck with me in the room I needed an assistant” then wink playfully.

Jun stop Mikee and volunteer to be her assistant Mikee smiled and pat his shoulders “this is your vacation so you should relax, this is just going to be quick anyway Aries would be back in a few minutes by then we can discuss the details we have in Florida” Jun sigh then give Leigh a scowl Mikee chuckled “saw that MatsuJun, Nii-chan held him down will you”

At lunch they were gathered in the dining hall to have their lunch when Mikee asked them what they have been doing, everyone just laugh and her cousins were teasing her. All she can do was to pout and be puzzled at the same time. They are now in the living room when her dad arrived.

Her dad immediately look at her then she smiled and hug him “I am fine dad, told you I would be safe” her Dad hugged her tight “you scare the hell out of me when I found out you fainted” Mikee chuckled “sorry I just got excited because of the bet I won, and got exhausted for a bit” then wink at him, while her dad arch his brow “what bet?” She smiled “The second placer in the match set a bet that if we won they would be buying us new bicycles” and grinned widely.

Her dad shake his head “never run away from me like that again do I made myself clear?” Mikee just smile “that is  if you promise to not interfere with my race again” his Dad is now serious “Mikee Angelic we are done discussing this” Mikee pouted and stick her tongue out Felix clear his throat “what brings you here Jun?”

That was the only time Mikee and her dad realize there were people around them. Her cousin and Leigh give their respect to her dad while her dad answered “I need to discuss few things about the report Mikee sent me earlier today, I got bothered by it” then face Mikee again “to my office, and bring the files you mentioned” Mikee nodded then face everyone “sorry I would be back in a few minutes” everyone nodded.

Mikee run towards her study room then bring with her the folder and her laptop. Then went to her dad’s office on the contrary Ace and Erwin gathered everyone to Mikee’s recreation room then show them the CCTV of what is happening on his Dad’s office. Felix is with them and even says he wanted to know what is happening.

Mikee started discussing what happen in the emergency meeting she held that same morning and provided the papers her dad needed to sign. Her dad would listen to her would ask few questions and would nod but her dad was hesitant with the decision Mikee came up of not signing the additional budget for the said site. They had a bit of an argument but in the end her Dad followed her and send an email for an emergency meeting.

After about an hour their meeting was done and his dad is asking her where they would be heading Mikee informed her dad they would be in Florida her dad ask what hotel they would be staying but Mikee says it's fine since she is just waiting for a confirmation. She also inform her dad they are heading to New York but don't have a place to stay

Her Dad offer a hotel his friend own, Mikee hug her dad and accepted the offer. Then her dad ask about the bet she won and how it started. She settled herself on her dad's lap and told him the story, her dad was laughing and would shake his head at times but Mikee continued to tell the story.

Felix was shaking his head while looking at Mikee and Her dad, while Ace and Erwin are laughing along with Allen. Sho commented “they were shouting at each other because of the race but now they are laughing and her dad is even laughing and enjoying the bet” Felix smiled “Jun is not good in showing his emotion, and as you have notice he has a temper that even his wife can’t handle”

Everyone is now paying attention to Felix “Mikee is the only person who can calm him down, argue with him and even oppose his decisions. As I mentioned before his weakness is Mikee she is his precious princess after all. He may not approve of her racing but every race Mikee is in he is watching secretly” then Felix stand up press one of the walls gently and it open up and they were amaze because it was a shelf and it is organized by year.

“This is Jun’s collection of Mikee’s race and competition, everyone checked it and Aya blurted out “these are complete but we never see him on any of our race gramps” Felix smiled “He has connections, not to mention he knew Tim personally” Aya’s eyes widen and exclaimed “Oh my god, seriously so Tim is reporting us to him” Felix nodded “he is even funding Tim with your gear supply”

Erwin get their attention by saying “we need to wrap this conversation up or Mikee would find out we are spying on her” Felix press the wall again  and the shelf disappeared “so this is a secret from Mikee because her Dad is too shy to admit he is proud of her racing and he is just against the race because he is nervous that Mikee will get into an accident like what happen before not to mention he would not admit defeat by approving Mikee to race with his own free will so can I trust all of you to keep this safe as well?” Everyone nodded

While walking back to the living room Aya was shaking her head “Now I know why Tim always follows Mikee’s order” they were able to reach the living room before Mikee and her dad got out from her dad's office. Her dad smile at them and says “sorry I needed my princess for some paper works to be done but she is all yours now” Mikee arch her brows “really you're giving me away to them?” her Dad scowl at her.

Mikee giggled “kidding” then run towards the stairs I would just change to comfy clothes and would join you guys in a bit” her dad is shaking his head “that brat always giving me head ache” then all of them laugh “I would also have to apologize on what had happen before the race, I presume you already know the reason why I don't want her to join it” everyone nod then Ohno answered “it’s okay dad, we know Mi-chan is stubborn and we understand why you did it”

“She will always be my little princess I guess you would all understand it once you already become parents” Sho commented “well she has her own way of doing things and she has a talent of caring for other people and not minding herself at all” her dad nodded “She’s always that way ever since she was little” then face Leigh “Leigh since when did you arrived”

Leigh smiled “Monday evening” her dad nodded “you were good in hiding my princess, but thank you for taking care of her” Leigh smiled “sorry uncle but I promise her I would keep her safe from you and pleasure is always mine” Again her dad shake his head “Ace and Erwin I would held you responsible with Mikee while you are in Florida” Mikee is now on the stairs and shaking her head “Dad, stop pressuring my cousins again”

“I would be leaving since I need to catch a flight” Mikee nodded “I would be meeting Ronald in Florida” her dad stand up and gesture his hand to her “give my regards to Ronald and ask him to visit uncle here” Mikee nodded “oh and dad what about our stay in NY was it close to Mama Leo’s place we would be joining the fashion event of Milan”

“Give me the address of the event, and the things you needed so I can ask Ken to cover everything up for you” Mikee smiled then hug her dad tightly “thanks dad you are simply the best dad in the whole wide world” Her dad hugged her tight and answered “and that just cost me, do you need extra allowance for your Florida and New York escapades?”

Mikee smiled “actually we needed a ride in Florida and I would ask additional fund for the laptop I wanted to buy” her dad shake his head “thought so too, you can call your Godfather Charlie for the ride in Florida, as for the laptop you know where to get the funds” Mikee grinned widely again and hugged him tight “love you Dad, see you in New York and take care” with that her dad left while everyone is amazed.

She looked at them “what?” Ace and Erwin along with Allen, Felix Leigh, Aya, Steph and Frezzy were shaking their heads while Sho, Nino, Ohno, Aiba and Jun are shock then Ashley commented “those hugs and kisses are really powerful don’t you think?” Aries who is now on the door also commented “yup, and not to mention pricey” Mikee laugh “that is how to handle Dad and getting the things I wanted for free”

“So our stay in New York is covered what about our Florida?” Sho asked this time, Mikee looked at Aries who nodded “we got it covered” then wink at everyone. Then she gather her phone and gestured to be quiet “Hi Uncle Charlie!” Then an answer from the other end “yup, I would be in Florida and Yes I would be backing up for Jaguar” then wink at Allen “Uncle I was wondering if I can borrow a ride while we are staying there? I am with my clients and I invited them to watch the race”

She waited for an answer then gesture Aya to check on flight they have tomorrow, Ashley give it to her “we would be arriving at 11am tomorrow” then give everyone an approved sign “alright, thanks uncle and yup lunch would be great thanks again love you see yah tomorrow” then hang up “that is what you call a free ride and lunch awaiting for us”

Frezzy and Steph giggled while Aya asked “was that the one your dad mentioned earlier?” Mikee nodded “yup, my godfather who spoiled me about cars. Apparently he is running a car parts store and rental in Florida so he told me he can lend us a ride for as long as he get to have picture with Allen and his autograph” Allen smiled then commented “how do you do that? I mean with just a photo and autograph we already have a ride we can use”

Mikee smiled “my Dad and uncle Charlie trained me well that's why” Felix laugh “as expected from a spoiled brat who always gets what she wants” Mikee pouted this time “I am not spoiled brat,  they just love me that much” then everyone else laugh.

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