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23 January 2017 @ 04:33 pm
Hi! almost new to this fandom but so far I am having a lot of fun!
meeting new senpai and people I am just so happy!
thank you for visiting my profile! oh I also write hehe this is my way
of releasing my stress since I found out about LJ...comments are loved and welcome

Dream Drabble

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New Series :

The Cruel Spin of Fate: Appointed Duty or Duty for Oneself

Prologue - Meeting and Departure - Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 - Day 4 -
Special Mission - Word of Honor - Confession - Deadly Secret
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💙💛💝💜💚Deadly Secret💚💜💝💛💙

When Mie got out of Toma’s room she sigh deeply and incline her back on Toma’s door. Aya give her a reassuring pat “Don’t worry you guys will be able to fix it” then Kim gave her the same pat “You always fix things” Mie smile “There are things that can’t be fix specially after what happen, and you all know when it comes to our job sacrifices has to be made”

Inoue who is now on top of the staircase speaks “yes, Mie is right there are things we needed to sacrifice” Mie smiled “alright men this way” Mie directed them to Sho’s room Aya speaks “so this is where you are being held captive” Mie shake his head then Kim says “I don't mind being held captive by him in this four walls”

Then the girls laugh while Mie just smiled “you wouldn’t say that if he is your brother” Inoue looked at her carefully “so you haven’t told him?” Mie shake her head “No, not sure if he can keep it with otosan” then sigh heavily “I entered the academy without otosan knowing it until recently but with what happen during our mission as special task force I am not sure”

Aya speaks this time “But with them helping us on this mission they would surely find out” Mie look at Aya “we would be keeping it from them at all circumstances but if something went wrong I guess that couldn’t be helped, and you guys know what to do” then the girls all nodded.

“Which reminds me did you guys perfected the formula I sent you” Aya nodded “yes we did, we are just brewing it in the lab” then Kim “we're here to actually record your voice,  we needed to extract blood from him to check if the serum would work although we are not sure on how to do that without him fighting” Mie sigh again “I would find a way, since nii-chan saw how Ryou acted and almost killed the guards”

Inoue, Aya and Kim look at her questioningly “Nii-chan and Oh-chan got a clearance probably from Gen. Kitagawa and they saw him in rage nii-chan was furious and don’t want me to come close to Ryou anymore” sigh again “when I refused that is how I was held captive here, not sure on why Chuck transfer authority to him either”

Aya rolled his eyes “boys, they really can be thick at times” Inoue shake his head “perks of being the youngest and baby of the team I guess, they are just worried” Kim smiled meaningfully “well they should be,  you are the first and foremost the lady alchemist after all”

“Any other things we needed to discuss?” Aya nodded “there were assassin that were captured well actually,  surrendered themselves and they are for interrogation” then Inoue continued “they would only confess if you can defeat them in the arena” Mie smirked “typical assassin of the east”

“One bit of a problem” Inoue eyed Mie “since Ryou is unstable we would need to fight them” Mie smiled “I can handle them myself” Aya shake her head “Mie-chan I thought we would be keeping it from them” Mie nodded and sigh “yeah I forgot, no worries I would ask permission for the interrogation and blood extraction”

“We wanted to tell this to you personally since communicator is not safe” Kim continued “Yeah, at least this room is fully searched” they all drink up their beer “this concluded our meeting”

Then all of them went down Mie was the last one to descend the stairs then she went directly to Sho’s lap and put her face on his neck “Nii-chan can you lift my suspension even just for tomorrow please, I am needed in the interrogation along with the girls” Sho sigh then look at Aiba and Ohno who nodded “Fine, on one condition I would be with you”

Mie look up at the girls who nodded “fine, but you are not to interfere. These assassin were sent to kill me and Ryou we would only get information from them if I would be the one to speak to them” Sho was about to answer but then Aya voiced out “please we would swear to keep her safe and even give our lives for her”

Then Kim “we need her Lieutenant” Sho nodded with a heavy sigh “fine, I would keep your word soldiers” Mie hugged Sho “arigato nii-chan, love you” then give Sho a kiss, Aiba is having a hard time keeping his giggle along with Nino, Ohno, Jun and the girls “Sho-chan you really can’t do anything when Mie-chan is hugging and kissing you like that”

Sho blushed “you just don’t know how persuasive she can be” Ohno and Nino looked at Mie who actually give them a wink then both of them blushed, Sho scowl at them “hey you two! leave my sister alone and that goes for Toma who is sleeping” the girls laugh again and says their goodbyes. Ohno ordered everyone to go to sleep early so they would be awake early.

At 6am Osaka and Nagoya team are at the pantry Mie approaches Chuck immediately “Thanks to you I am suspended and unable to perform my duty well” Chuck gave her a hug and apologetic smile “he has the right to know, and I am also just thinking of your safety” Mie accused him “yeah right now I don’t know how can I save myself and Ryou because I am not allowed to go out of the room” Chuck kneel at her “please forgive me princess but this is just temporary”

“Next time you interfere I would kill you myself!” Chuck shake his head then tried to grabbed her but then Mie walk back to where Sho is seating and started playing her DS she is having a hard time calming her nerves down even after she had her coffee “Nii-chan I don’t have appetite can I go to weaponry tryouts? I just need to release this annoyance of mine” Sho sigh then called in Aya “Major Sato Can you accompany her” Aya stand up “by all means” then Mie went out along with Aya.

Mie is in the middle of target shooting when her communicator lit up and was called to be back at the interrogation room in 25LG. She eyed Aya who nodded then called in Sho to be with them. When they arrived at 25LG Sho and his team is already waiting for them Mie not looking at Sho went directly to where the interrogation room is.

General Garcia is already at the Room and give everyone a debrief after the debrief Gen. Garcia called in Mie before going out “Major Miyamoto you will be facing your trainor and I must say she is the most dangerous among them” Mie nodded and says “I would make sure she won’t lay a finger to any of my friends” Gen. Garcia nodded “off you go” Mie look at Gen. Garcia “Nii-chan and his team is looking so please handle him and not let them interfere” Gen. Garcia nodded again “I will”

Mie went out from the other door while Gen. Garcia Talked to Nagoya team “Soldiers, the interrogation is being held in the Arena Area on this floor, I don’t want you to interfere this is the request of the assassin held captive in return of supplying the information we needed” Sho was shocked along with his team but recovered and asked

“We have mind reading machines that can retrieve memories why can’t we just use it” Garcia shake her head “it is because of the serum that is on their blood who would eventually erase all their memories once serum settled and when they’re dead, good thing Mie-chan was able to find a cure at least but these assassins surrender for themselves just to have this fight with Mie and Ryou, as you all know Ryou is still unstable so Mie don’t have a choice but to handle it with the girls”

Ohno nodded “understood General” then Garcia again speaks “Sakurai, this should be kept from your father for now you know too well how he would react on this matter and don’t get to emotional about this since your precious little sister is also a soldier and she has duty to fulfil. Do I made myself clear?”

Sho nodded hesitantly then Gen. Garcia continued “You have a choice of being emotional and leave your profession along with your badge or you can stay put as the interrogation comes to an end” Sho looked at Aiba who actually tap his shoulders “Mie-chan wouldn’t want that Sho-chan”

Sho nodded “yes, General I won’t interfere with the interrogation” Garcia nodded “very well follow me then” they walked till the end of the hall and open the observation room where they can see the Arena below. Mie was the last one to enter the room and look at the assassins the woman stood up and bow her head “Finally my favorite trainee arrived, and I can see you are looking well despite on what happen to Ryou”  

Mie smirked “good to see you to sensei, good to know that the serum didn’t eat you up or did it?” Margot Robbie smiled wickedly “well I still have a mission to fulfill my dear and that is to kill you” Mie smiled back “that is if you can” then the other two women  manages to launch themselves to Aya and Kim while Inoue is standing beside Mie “Mao-chan please help out Kim and Aya”

Margot not paying attention to the others speaks again “confident enough to defeat me are we?” Mie just smiled but Margo already pull out her sword and darted it to Mie who was trying to dodge when she saw that her friends are already having a hard time defeating the other two she saw Inoue had blood on her arms, then Kim was kicked on her stomach she got out of control.

She was able to disarm one of the assassin and manages to let is sleep, so as the second one then she directed to Margot and without hesitation to fight with her alone Inoue shouted “Mie we need her for information please” then Aya also shouted back “Nii-chan is looking at this interrogation” but Mie as if unable to listen to any of it still fighting with Margo.

“ops! family doesn’t have a clue what happen to you eh” instead of stopping it only enrage Mie then Margo continued “very good Mia as always you are exceptional and has talent indeed, but it's a shame it is going to go to waste” Mie smile wickedly “not if I kill you first” Margo laugh a loud then they fight again and one whip Margo manages to slash Mie’s arm then Mie flip out upon seeing the blood running down her fingers.

She move faster until Margo is no longer able to catch up with her and with double whip of her two swords Mie was able to slash Margo in her stomach and legs. Margo was unable to move then Mie tried to stomp on Margo’s chest “now speak before I kill you” stated with gritted teeth but instead of speaking she stab Mie’s legs Mie didn’t wince but gave her another stab in her stomach Margo smiled “I trained you well and even surpasses my ability”

Then margo tried to speak again “all i-information is in the dagger, I know you are the only one who can defeat me, thank you” then Margo died while one of the assassin moved and manages to stab Mie from her back Mie killed the assassin along with the other one Inoue fired a tranquilizer on Mie who winced and says “I hate it when you do that” then another 2 shots from Aya and Kim and Mie fallen on the floor.

Mie woke up in the hospital wing Sho was there and her team. Mie moved as if nothing happens “Inoue can you not do it on the neck I am uncomfortable and I might forget who you guys are” Inoue sigh “but you are bleeding on all parts that is the only safe side” Sho still not moving when Doc. Yuya speaks “good to see you are awake, the serum is complete but since the assassins were dead we have no way of testing if the serum would work”

Mie sigh “any complications in that matter?” Doc. Yuya eyed Sho for a moment Mie speaks “it’s okay Yuya” doctor nodded “we need to try it out first before we insert it to Ryou just to be safe as you know he is unstable” Mie nodded “you can insert it with 05083” Sho asked this time “there is another experiment assassin here?” Inoue answered “yes, there is” Ohno, Nino, Aiba, and Jun asked as the same time “who?”

Mie stood up “me, I am experiment 05083” Sho darted his eyes to Mie “now you know the reason why I am so desperate to find a cure” then Mie darted her eyes to Toma “that is why it is hard to fix things between us” then gesture to Doc. yuya to follow her Sho tried to stop Mie “no time Sho-chan I’ll see you later after”

Dr. Yuya asked “are you sure you're alright I mean you have lost blood” Mie smiled “yup completely fine I was able to sleep and as you can see my wounds are pretty much healed” then show her arm to Dr. Yuya who smiled “alright then let me ready the lab” Mie shake her head “ready 23LG we would conduct it there just in case” Dr. Yuya nodded.



Dinner time and all of them are in the kitchen, everyone was eating but none of them were asking questions. Mie’s eyes were puffy a sign that she cried. When her communicator lit up “Mao-kun” answer from the other end “hai arigato” Mie stood up then went to the common room where her laptop is open “yes, I have the file open copy that” after about 5 minutes Mie went back to the dining area to finish her meal.

Then she went back to the common room and didn’t mind everyone while facing her laptop then after about 15 minutes she stood up then start pacing while looking at her laptop then tap on her communicator “Aya, I think I am able to complete the formula can you make it tonight?” an answer then “yes, its because of the Magnesium so if we would use the same composition and decrease the- yes it might be able to detonate it”

Then another beat “no I can ask Inoue if she can pull it off, I tried to research it on my end but I am having problem with- hold on a sec” Mie run back to Nino “neh Kazu remember the invasion of darkness you would need to go through our game?” Nino look up at her “hai it is made up of metal” Mie nodded “yes that one, do you know the composition of the said metal?”

Nino nodded “it’s Tellurium, Astatine and Arsenic” Mie think “are you sure that is all the components” Nino got his DS “I think let me double check” Mie nodded “Aya standby I think I already have the formula Inoue needed” then Nino says “Mei-chan it also include Germanium” Mie sit beside Nino this time “when you were in that level how did you manage to defeat it”

Nino think hard this time “I managed to break it by using oxiperastine and I created almost the same components as the metal itself” Mie hugged Nino and give him a Kiss on his check “you are a genius Kazu you that? arigato”

Mie stood back up “Aya I got it, would send Inoue the formula then take over with the serum” a beat “arigato, Mao-kun take Kim with you and help out Aya I already send in instruction to Doc. Yuya and gomen, I am suspended Sakurai’s order” an answer “no, this conference is adjourned just inform me once it’s done”

Jun put a bottle of beer and Mie grab it “Arigato MatsuJun” Jun smiled “I guess you would need this for you to rest the whole night and regain your strength” Mie smiled back and raise her bottle “kampai!” Jun gesture a cheers and drink from his own bottle. No one still talking since Mie still busy with his computer although after about 2 bottles Mie stopped working and close her laptop then Nino asked “what serum are you guys researching”

Mie smiled “it's the antidote of the serum given to those people in the lab I showed you two days ago” Jun arch his brow “since when did you guys became a chemist?” Mie laugh “we thought of helping Doc. Yuya since we still haven’t locate the evil lair” Sho asked “why are you so into it?” Mie eyed Sho “because it would help us defeat the syndicate and I wanted this case to come to an end” Ohno look up at her “Is it just about the case or Ryou?” Mie didn’t answer and gulp from her bottle instead.

Toma was trying to open up the 5th bottle Mie hold his hands to stop him “You should stop or else you would get drunk and unable to do any exercise tomorrow” Toma just ignore her then try to sip on his 5th bottle. Mie looked at Sho and Aiba direction then take another gulp on her beer.

By the time Toma is almost half of his bottle, she know that he is already tipsy because of the way he grab his bottle from the table. Nino stood up to go to the toilet then Sho settled himself beside her. She finished her 4th bottle when she is about to open her 5th bottle Toma’s hand stopped her “Toma-chan you know I can drink better than you do” Toma shake his head, Mie sigh “You can talk to me and say anything you want even if you are not drunk”

Toma was still holding her hands and then look her in the eye “If you don’t want me just tell it to my face and stop playing games with me” Mie smile apologetically “Toma-chan this is not the right time and place to talk about this” then sigh and look everyone in the room apologetically before continuing ”I am also not sure on how to fix things between us” She is all blushing and look at Ohno, Nino and Jun again “Sorry, he is like this when he is frustrated and drunk”

Toma still looking at her started again with an accusing voice “I am not drunk! You just don’t want to fix things up that is why you are trying to push me away” Mie look at Toma this time “I am not pushing you away. it’s just that a lot of things happen, and it has been two years. I-I just don’t know how to act when you are near me. It’s complicated” then she get her hand back and open up the bottle to sip from it.

Then Aiba cleared his throat and says “Sho-chan I guess it is time you tell them, specially Toma-kun” Mie looked at Sho who nodded and say “I guess it can’t be helped” she grab her communicator and gesture for them to be quiet “Yuri-pon, it’s me again Major Miyamoto can you disable all the security devices from dorm 17 theta we are discussing an important case and we needed no one to hear it” an answer from the other end “Tell them it is authorize by General Sakurai of Tokyo” another answer “thanks” then she turned to Sho and nodded.

Sho started with “Did you guys remember the scandal about my father having an affair with someone and have an illegitimate child?” Nino, Jun, and Ohno nodded “It was true, although she is not an illegitimate daughter anymore since Okasan adopter her after her Biological mother died she was 6 yrs old by then” then sip from his bottle then continue.

“Her full name is Mie Miyamoto Sakurai, she is my half-sister” Sho look up on Aiba’s direction “Aiba knew about her too since when we graduated from the academy she was there with us. Not to mention Aiba-chan knows me and Mie since we were in Junior High” everyone look at Aiba’s direction who just nodded.

“I am still not used to being called with that last name so I keep my mother’s name which Otosan was always furious about but still respected my decision” Mie was shaking her head and get closer to Sho who wrap an arm around her shoulder.

“She lived with us until her Senior High School, she never wanted parties so she would just stay on her room and no one knew much about her and well no one dared to asked any of us if the rumor is true” Mie chuckled and continued “It was hard at first to live with people you know would hate you but then when Kaa-chan and Mai chan accepted me everything changes” Toma was looking at her, while Sho is smiling “I am just protecting my little sister”

“To protective actually, I must admit Nii-chan and Aiba-shii is pretty close to me, Nii-chan accepted me from the time I set foot on their house” Mie looked at Aiba “This information is classified so only my team and your team new about this not to mention Gen. Garcia, Gen. Kitagawa and Okada sensei”

Mie chuckle and remember “Otosan called us up on our 3rd day here to scold at Nii-chan he was surprised that I am here with you guys, he found out I dropped out on my dancing in New york because a letter was sent to him saying I can still go back if I wanted to” Sho shake his head but smiling.

“Mie, Shun and Mai. are also close with each other, some even think Mie and Mai are twins but they have different personality, Mie is Otosan’s favorite. He was surprised we are able to keep it from him for about five years now” Aiba was now laughing with them “Why am I not surprise, I can see the facial expression of Gen. Sakurai while you’re batting your lashes and kissing him” Mie and Sho laugh hard this time then Mie tried to continue “I didn’t know Gen. Kitagawa and Gen. Garcia is on the room with us, I thought it was only us”

Nino and Ohno smiled while Jun is laughing with them now when Mie’s communicator lit up “Inoue-kun Nani?” then an answer from the other end “Sure you can come right over we can discuss it here, grab Kim and Aya too” then she eyed everyone “Sorry, I need to discuss something with my team. Since I am confined here” then look at Sho before continuing “they would need to come right up”

Sho scowl at her “Nii-chan, it is your fault and decision that is why I am unable to do things I needed to do” then look at Toma “You may also want to discuss with your team what they have just find out” Ohno nodded but then Sho asked her again “you are not going to 23LG again” Mie smiled bitterly “Nii-chan, Ryou is my responsibility as you witnessed-” Sho stood up “We can just dispose him he is a criminal after all”

Mie stood up this time and furious “Do that and whoever touches him would have to go through me first, even if that person is you nii-chan I would give my life to protect Ryou” Sho also stood up “you are protecting a criminal out of control and he even hurt you” Mie answered back “Ryou is not a criminal he is a victim! he is just there because he is being cured and we are now able to find an antidote”

Sho raised his hands “arguing with you is useless” Mie smiled bitterly “probably because I am as stubborn as you and Otosan” Sho is shaking his head “that is completely out of point” then Aiba cleared his throat before cutting them off “Alright people this is a siblings fight I guess” Mie look at Aiba “but he is being a pain in the ass, he didn't even apologize to you guys properly”

Sho smug “I don't need to apologize to anyone” Mie shake his head “you hurt Toma-pon and these guys for not telling them who I am so you need to apologize to these guys” Toma shake his head then finished his bottle “Sorry I thought you were- you know” Mie chuckled “You were not the only one ne?” Then eyed Ohno and Nino along with Jun Who blushed

“see these guys were also thinking the same as you. Anyway off to bed Toma-chan and go straight to sleep I put the pill on your side table drink it” Toma nodded and stand up but got out of balance and fell on Mie’s lap “You are such a baby Toma-chi” then they hear a knock on the door.

Aiba opened it and gesture for the ladies to get inside, when Inoue saw Toma on Mie’s lap then her eyes catch the bottle of beer on the table Mie smiled “Sorry I tried to stop him but he won’t listen” Aya and Kim exchange a meaningful look “Introduction minna, Girls meet my boys team Colonel Ohno, Lieutenant Colonel Sakurai as you know him, Major Ninomiya, Major Masaki, Major Matsumoto, and the baby on my lap Major Ikuta”

Girls giggled along with Mie “Guys meet my Troop Major Daidoji, Major Mao of course” then give Jun a playful wink “then Major Sato” They bow their heads with each other “Aya can you help me out with him?” Aya laugh while shaking her head “The last time I saw him like that was the night you left him without a word” Mie scowl at her “You never know when to shut up do you” Ohno tried to Grab Toma but Mie stopped him.

Then Inoue smiled at them “It’s okay we can handle him You guys enjoy your beer here” Mei asked Jun “MatsuJun can you give Mao-kun 4 beers so we can have a drink while we are discussing?” Jun stood up and nodded “Arigato, Nii-chan you are not allowed to enter our room nor eavesdrop on us do you understand?”

Sho nodded “Kazu, Aiba-shii I’ll expect you to guard Nii-chan and no one is allowed to pass through the stairs” Nino and Aiba nodded while Aya commented “bossy again with these boys are we?” Mie laugh and grabbed Toma’s right arm “I am not bossy, I just needed them to behave themselves while you guys are here” Aya grab Toma’s left arm Kim asked “if you are worried then why do we need to have our discussion here?”

“its because I am unable to leave this quarters under further noticed, as order by Lieutenant Col. Sakurai” then Mie darted a meaningful look at Sho’s direction. Kim arch her brows “is that even legal I mean you are under Chuck, no offence Lieutenant” Mie pouted “Chuck transferred me under him” Inoue looked at her then started “I think Nii-chan-” but Mie cut her off “enough Mao-kun just go with MatsuJun”

They lay Toma in his room, Mie give him the pill and let him drink it, before leaving Toma grab her hand “stay with me” Mie chuckle while Aya rolled her eyes and commented “You’re really such a baby when you're drunk” Mie gesture to close the door, when she know she is alone with him she brush Toma’s hair and give him a kiss in his forehead “Go to sleep now, I am just in the other room” Toma smiled then says “Sorry” with a hoarse voice, Mie smiled “You didn’t know Sho-chan is my brother it’s fine”

Toma pull her down and hugged her “I missed you mine” Mie smile but stay put “promise me we would fix us after this training” Mie stiffen “I can’t promise you that since I still have case to finish-” Toma cut her off and hugged her tightly “Just promise me we would fix this once we get a chance outside” Mie sigh because she knows how stubborn Toma can be “fine, promise now go to sleep I need to work” Toma give her a light kiss on her temple and release her

***💙💛💝💜💚Word of Honor💚💜💝💛💙***

It was already second day of training that Mie miss out the on the training, Sho can’t help but be worried not because Mie is missing out on the training but it was because he is unable to see Mie. He tried to ask Col. Yoshihiko but he is not answering.

When he saw Mie at breakfast he approached her “Major Miyamoto can I talk to you privately?” Mie smiled sheepishly then says “oh Gomen Lieutenant Sakurai yeah I haven’t been able to get my things but I would get it later. I was just busy with something” Sho looked at her and she again smiled "I promise to get it later”

Sho nodded then returned to where his team are, Aiba noticed it and give him a jab “hey, you okay?” Sho shake his head “Mie is missing out lately and she is not telling me what she is up to” Aiba smiled “you just missed her no worries I saw her schedule earlier and she will be in our combat training” Sho looked at Mie and he just noticed Mie looked tired for some reason.

At the Arena Okada asked the other three groups to join and asked everyone to beat the girls all at the same time, Mie as always was enjoying it and was able to beat at least 7 guys. At lunch time Sho saw Mie look more tired, then Lieutenant Tatum approach him “Sho, sorry but I need your help Mie is not eating again and keeps on playing her DS we don’t know what to do anymore. She even forgot to eat lunch and dinner yesterday too” Sho shake his head “no worries, I can take care of that” then Sho grab Aiba with him.

“Mie-chan stop playing and eat” Mie didn’t pay attention so Sho and Aiba sit beside her and tried to feed her, Aiba is letting him drink while Sho is the one feeding her “Mie-chan is there something bothering you?” Mie just shake her head but still didn’t let go of her DS Aiba tried this time “Mie-chan, they would be laughing at you because you're acting like a baby again”

Mie pouted “then don’t feed me” Sho looked at Aiba and then continue to feed Mie but then her communicator lit up “Yuya what is it?” then an answer from the other end “hai on my way” then Mie save her game Sho grab her arm then asked “where are you going you are not yet done with your meal” Mie winced and Sho noticed it.

He pull up her shirt sleeve and Sho saw a purplish bruise “what is this?” Mie winced again because sho press on it “Major Miyamoto, as your superior I am asking you a question” Mie sigh “sorry officer but this information is classified” Sho grabbed her and whisper to her “don’t let me use Otosan power to get this information” Mie sigh “later, just let me go this time please Yuya needed me” Aiba grabbed Sho and nodded to Mie, who looked at him then run off.

Good thing there were just Nagoya and Osaka team in the pantry at that time, Ohno approached Sho “what was that all about?” Yoshihiko answered “Mie is being summoned to 23LG by Doctor Yuya Tegoshi head of our medical team” Sho and Ohno gaped then Lieutenant Tatum run and hurried to follow Mie.

It has been 2 hours since Mie left the pantry when Sho and Ohno were pacing in the common room while waiting for Mie, Nino asked Aiba “what’s up with those two?” Aiba answered “Mie-chan is being summoned to 23LG earlier and Sho saw a bruise on her arm” Nino’s eyes widen “what is she doing there?” then Jun asked “Isn’t it the floor were prisoners and uncontrolled assassins are being locked up?” Sho and Ohno darted thier gaze to Jun.

Toma asked “why was she there and how did she get the bruises?” Aiba sigh “that is why these two are pacing and waiting for that question to be answered” then a knock from the door Sho was the first one to run through the door and open it Mie was standing there and smile “Domo, Sho-chan I am here to get my things”

Sho pulled her inside and then asked “why are you being summoned to 23LG? And how did you get those bruises?” Mie sigh “can I sit down first I am too tired” then approached Aiba and give him a hug “you need to answer me, and stop avoiding my questions” Mie sigh again “Sho-chan, I will if you can let me rest for a bit I am exhausted” Aiba put an arm on Mie’s shoulder when Mie winced “Aiba-shi can you let me sleep? and please don’t let Sho-chan near me” Aiba just nodded then whisper “want to sleep in my bedroom instead?” Mie shake her head “ei, I am comfortable here” then she dose of.

Mie woke up after about two hours of sleep, she is now lying comfortably in the couch and Aiba was still on her side “Arigato Aiba-shi” Aiba smiled but worry is evident on his face “did you had a good nap?” Mie smiled back “hai, where are the others?” Aiba smiled “Pantry asking for our dinner to be packed so we can eat here” Mie nodded, then Aiba asked “why do you have a lot of bruises? You have a new one at the back of your shoulder” Mie just smiled “I am working with Yuya in 23LG but then I bump into the cupboard I am just being clumsy”

Aiba was about to ask another question when her communicator lit up “Miyamoto desu” an answer from the other end “Yuc-chan, onegai I-” then Mie look at Aiba “yes can you hold him down for just a couple of minutes I would be there” then another answer from the other end. Then the door open and Sho was the first person who entered the common room Mie answered “yes, I am on my way”

Mie stood up then eyed everyone “sorry but my bag can wait till tonight I need to get back down” Sho was furious now “you are not leaving this room until you tell me what the hell is happening?” Mie look at Sho directly “Sorry, but you needed to get a General’s clearance to be with me in 23LG” then Mie walk through the door and opened it and not looking back “If you manage to get one” she addressed Sho by turning her head to look at him directly “promise me you won’t hurt him” then shut the door close.

Ohno grabbed his communicator this time then called in Gen. Kitagawa to ask for clearance, Kitagawa approved passes only for Ohno and Sho. When the elevator open they were able to hear a scream and people are on alert Sho and Ohno run through the hallways and follow where they can hear the scream.

They halt to a stop when they reach the end of the hall, Sho open the door and  saw it was the monitor area and when they see what is happening below Ohno gape and then Sho was shocked and frozen. Sho is seeing Mie who is trying to approach a man they saw in the video two days ago.

Mie is not wearing her jacket and he can see her arm were bruised, they can hear Mie screaming “back off everyone please, Ryou it’s me Mie-chan” then the guy screamed “Mie-chan, I might kill them so please end my life now” Mie’s voice is breaking but manage to shout back “Ryou I am here you won’t hurt them and you remember me right?” the guy sit on the floor then Mie tried to approach him “You are safe here and I promise I would be with you till the end” Ryou shouted who prompt Mie to step back “but I can’t control myself and I even hurt you”

Mie smiled “it was an accident and you see, you manage to stop yourself! I only had bruises so it’s fine” Ryou eyed her arm then try to calm himself by taking deep breath Mie run and hugged him “it’s okay no one is going to hurt you, and I promised to help them remove it from you” Ryou nodded then hugged her back “thank you for being with me and reminding me who I am” Mie smiled “you have to rest now too so I can rest as well okay? I would be back to check on you tomorrow, for tonight we needed rest” Ryou nodded then followed Mie out of the said room.

Sho was waiting for Mie to come out of the said room where they confine the man they saw on the video. Ohno tried to talk to Sho to go back to the common room and discuss it there but Sho is not listening and he knew Sho too well to even persuade him to follow his orders now.

Mie opened the door and was not surprised to see Ohno and Sho waiting for her “I already warn you Sho-chan, I would not let you touch him” Sho answer her with a growl “are you freaking insane? This guy almost kill the guards in that room and even manage to hurt you” Mie stand and never left Sho’s eyes “you can say that, but he is still a human and I can control him” Sho smirked “You call that control when you have bruises that even your father didn’t gave you”

“May I remind you Lieutenant Sakurai that I am a soldier, by the time I submitted the form I fill up with my name on it I also submitted my soul to death” Sho was about to speak up but then Ohno held out a hand because Doc. Yuya is approaching “Major Miyamoto, thank you so much we wouldn’t know what to do without you” Mie not leaving Sho’s gaze answered back “next time he look for me let him listen to my voice as instructed”

Doctor Yuya nodded “yes, I would do that” Mie still staring at Sho “Doc. Yuya, I wanted you to pass a memo that no one is allowed to be near Ryou, and if someone hurt him he would have to answer me” Doctor again nodded “order taken right away Major” Mie nodded “thank you, if you excuse us I have things to attend to”

Ohno nodded and says “Sho, this is not the right place to discuss this now please. We need to get back to our common room” Sho and Mie stood still for a few minutes then Ohno again cleared his throat to get there attention “Soldiers let's move” that was the only time Mie moved to follow Ohno.

When they reach the common room Sho shouted “no one is allowed to let Major Mie out of this room unless you wanted to be suspended, do I make myself clear?” Mie rolled her eyes and sarcastically asked “I’ll be held captive and let other soldiers die is that the consequence Lieutenant Sakurai?”

“If that is the price I would have to pay to keep you away from that assassin? Then yes” Mie gave Sho a clap “how very noble of you to save my life, but let other innocent soldier die without a fight” Sho face her this time and furiously shout “So you’re telling us that you can fight that thing?” Mie answered back “as you noticed I am alive and you saw it earlier I can control it. You were able to see I only manage to get bruises”

“You are being unreasonable, drop the case or you would be out of the organization for good” Mie laugh is that a threat Lieutenant Col. Sakurai?’ Aiba tried to stop them from arguing “hey come on calm yourselves down-” then both Mie and Sho shouted back at him “back off this is between me and her/him” at the same time “you maybe forgetting that I am your superior and I can suspend you for disobeying my orders soldier”

“May I also remind you that I am a member of the special task force, which means I have the same authority as you” Sho smiled “really now” then press a key on his communicator “lieutenant Tatum, I needed a transfer confirmation of Major Miyamoto in my power” another answer “thank you” Mie was furious then “you are being irresponsible for your actions” Sho sigh heavily “You know why I am doing this” Mie just scowl at him and run upstairs, while Sho run to follow her.

Sho open the door then close it behind him “Mie, I am just doing-” but got cut off “because you are selfish and inhumane” Sho hugged Mie from behind “I am afraid to lose you” Mie didn’t say anything this time “I am also trying to protect you, if Otosan found out about this he would also be furious” Mie cried silently “you don’t understand, He is a brother to me he save my life a couple of times”

“I am thankful of him because of that, explain it to me so I would understand” Mie just shook her head and continued to cry “Mie, please” Mie shake her head again “No, I am following orders from you Lieutenant, I won’t leave this place until you remove my suspension” Sho sigh “it would just be easy if you would tell me” Mie removed Sho’s hands and gather her laptop ‘I would be working if you please don’t disturb me for a bit Sir it would be much appreciated” Sho sigh and leave her alone.

While Sho and Mie is having a conversation in the room Aiba, Toma, Nino and Jun asked Ohno what happen. Ohno detailed what he witnessed along with his observation “Sho-chan was shocked! That was the first time I saw him like that” Aiba nodded while Toma asked “why is he being held captive here and why is Mie doing it”

Ohno answered “he was rescued by Mie, and he only listen to her. But he managed to hurt her a couple of times because he is unable to control himself” then eyed Toma carefully “it was ordered by Mie that no one can hurt him nor Kill him if any of us do Mie would be killing that person”

Everyone nodded along with then Aiba shake his head “Now, I understand why she had a lot of bruises and why Sho-chan has been acting weird lately” Nino asked “are they dating?” Aiba look at Toma and says “you would have to ask that yourselves” then they saw Sho coming down from the stairs “we would have a rotation to make sure Mie would stay here” everyone just nodded.

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29 January 2017 @ 10:15 pm

One of the best day ever!!! We have a lot of reason to celebrate this day and I swear for me it was a blast!...

We were celebrating a birthday of Obasan(best friend of mine) since we can't celebrate it on a weekday!!!

At the same time it was an admin meet up!... But guess what we were joined by two members and whoah!  Starbucks were crowded!...

When seven women who were fans of arashi meet,  we were all laughing exhanging videos with each other and well sharing insights and ideas but mostly taked about each other so we can know them more!!!!

I would have to say a pleasure to mee all of you girls and arigato to arashi because of them I meet these amazing beautiful women!

Hope to spending time with you in June again!!! Love you all ladies!!!


***💙💛💝💜💚Special Mission 💚💜💝💛💙***

The two team arrived at General Garcia’s office when Colonel Ohno tried to knock General Garcia opened the door “all here?” Everyone nod “Good, we would be using the conference room so follow me, Kim do you have the files?” Kim nod “Yes it’s on Mie’s DS”

They were now walking towards the end of the hall, General Garcia knock then a voice from the inside answered “come in” Sho and Mie looked at each other they were the last one to enter the room. Sho and Mie stopped for a few moments when they both saw General Sakurai and General kitagawa.

Mie moved immediately to where she can set up her DS and assist Kim, after she put in her password she walked towards Kitagawa who asked for a hug, then she smiled towards Gen. Sakurai who actually arch his brow. Mie rolled her eyes then give Gen. Sakurai a hug and kiss him on his cheek.

The girls giggled along with Sho and Aiba while the rest just looked at each other amused. Gen. Garcia was the one who explained “Major Mie as you can see is the favorite baby, I mean soldier of Gen. Kitagawa and Gen. Sakurai” Mie pouted “I am not a baby anymore” then everyone laugh while Sho put an arm on her shoulder “nope you are not but you're the youngest here in this room”

Mie pouted even more then give her girlfriends a scowl since all of them were laughing Mao asked an apology “Gomen Mie-kun, it's just that you look so cute when Gen. Sakurai and Gen. Kitagawa tag team on you and you play a good girl character it actually doesn’t fit” then everyone laugh again.

Kim gestured to Gen. Garcia that everything is ready, then Gen. Garcia stood up and started “Nagoya team called in this meeting for an assignment assigned to special task force” then eyed the Osaka team.

“We have received an intelligence that our forces has been infiltrated by a syndicate who actually released a couple of deadly criminals, this has been accidentally discovered by our very own Major Miyamoto on her last case” Sho arch his brow and looked at Mie who stood up and went to Kim then let her navigate.

“the last case I handle had something to do with human trafficking. They would train a particular person to a combat fight and then they would put them in an arena to fight. All best player will be sent to US to fight of course with money involve and that is where I accidentally found out this lab” then play a video

It was inside a lab and 3 guys were lying on a hospital bed and strapped. Then a couple of doctors were standing beside the said bed,  they were holding a couple of gun syringes. After the doctor inserted the serum on one of the guys, it shouted and then he was able to break free it tried to kill the doctor so they tried to put it back to sleep.

Then a familiar voice talked Major Yu “they should be ready in 5 months time” then another familiar voice Major Kazuya “these are awesome, once these are perfected I wanted one inserted on me” then the video stopped. Then continued on the same lab but there is only one man left “Ryou-chan daijoubu?” the man tried to open his eyes “Mie-chan, after the serum is inserted in my veins I may no longer control myself”

Then the man tried to breath then held Mie’s hand “can you promise me one thing?” Mie closed her eyes and mouthed the words she said on the video “anything” Ryou smiled “look into my eyes and let me remember why I am here, but if I am not able to get back please kill me I don't want to kill innocent people, please promise me” Mie squeeze his hand “I will Ryou, I promise” then a doctor came in and then inserted the serum.

Ryou was shouting but after sometime he was able to calm himself and looked at Mie, the doctor releases him and asked him to do some stuff but then he got out of control then he faced Mie and shouted “kill me” then the video got cut off.  

Mie cleared her throat “ that is Yamada Ryosuke I meet him when I enter as a player on the said syndicate he is a soldier of Kagoshima he went missing because he got abducted for this, he is following orders because he was promised he would be released and his wife would receive compensation along with his mother if he perform well. He is one of the very first survivor of the said serum although he is still unstable at times”

She took in a deep breath then continue “this serum are being developed to dissolve this organization. As you all know this organization is only known to those who attended the training and chosen by the organization itself but for the rest of the world it does not exist” then eyed Kim who press in a button and open up a file “I am able to know that the two soldiers who came with you are working for this syndicate and we needed to know who are leading them”

Then Gen. Garcia stand up “the goal of this mission is to eliminate the said serum and to know who is behind this attack. I want all of you to do this as a team” then Gen. Kitagawa “from here on forth I wanted you to train harder and make sure to let yourselves be safe at all cost” then Gen Garcia again “we already have a new location and it will be ready in two weeks but until then we would lure the syndicate on this building”

Gen Sakurai “this mission is important to the organization so whoever is on this room are the only people who knew about this and Okada sensei please note that no one is allowed to talk about this with anyone, that is all meeting adjourned, Major Miyamoto,  Lieutenant Sakurai please stay behind”

All of them give their salute and left the room except Gen. Sakurai, Sho and Mie .Nino and Ohno are really observant “Nino-chan what do you suppose those 3 are talking about?” Nino shrugged “no idea oh-chan but it was a bit suspicious Gen. Sakurai always asked for Mie and Sho-chan whenever he is here” Inoue and the rest of her team laugh.

After a couple of minutes Mie and Sho open the door “gomen minna Otosan is getting old I guess” Mie smiled “I guess he does, since when did he get that sappy?” Then both of them laugh “let us look for Okada to get our new schedule” Mie bow “Gomen I have schedule this afternoon on 20LG but I’ll join you guys after” Chuck stood up “I’m coming with you” Mie smiled “I would be fine Chuck, I promise” Chuck shake his head and look at Col. Yoshihiko who nodded.

Mie smiled sigh then turn to Sho and give him a hug “I need to go now, see you on training if not, I would be back to your quarters to get my backpack” Sho nodded “I would be waiting for you” Chuck put an arm around Mie “No worries I would take care of her let’s go Mie” and they move towards the elevator.

25 January 2017 @ 05:55 pm

That is right,  my oba-san is Celebrating her birthday with Sho-chan... So lucky ne?...

What can I say arigato in introducing me to Arashi...I don't have anything to say to you anymore since we have been open with each other hehehe

They might be wondering why I am calling you obasan even though we are best of friends ahaha lets just leave them wondering neh... Hahaha

Again love you,  and hope you are enjoying your day...

25 January 2017 @ 05:30 pm

I would be turning a year and two months tomorrow can't believe it! 

It has been a year of fun and I am able to meet people because of  being a fan or arashi!!!

And on this special Day I hope you are enjoying yourself and celebrating it with your family and friends...

As for me I am celebrating this day with my Kaa-san and Tatsu drinking coffee hahaha




*-*-*-*-*💙💛💝💜💚Day 4💚💜💝💛💙*-*-*-*-*

At 5:30 am Sho and Mie are already in the common room waiting for the rest of them to gather around when all of them are complete they all went to the pantry another table was set Jun noticed it and asked Ohno “what’s happening” Ohno look up at Jun and Nino “another team is joining us today”

Then 2 men entered the hall one slim built and a bit tan and the other one muscled and a gorgeous face they were accompanied with Okada sensei. Aya was the first to greet the two men,  then followed by Inoue and Kim. Mie is not facing the hallway so she hadn’t noticed them approaching.

Okada tap Mie from behind “Mie-chan give your respect to your officers Mie turn around and see the two men.  Eyes wide with glee Mie immediately stood up then hugged the slim guy first “Yuc-chan!” Then the muscled guy tap her “I am here too” Mie smiled “chuck! I missed you” the muscled man smiled “missed you too baby” then the 3 girls giggled and Mie scowl at them again then pouted at chuck “down boy!” Then all of them laugh.

Mie grabbed Sho and let him meet the two “Sho-chan these are Lieutenant Col. Channing Tatum and Colonel YoshiHiko my commander in chief” Sho immediately offer his hands then Mie continued “Yuc-chan, Chuck this is Lieutenant Sakurai Sho” then give the two a knowingly smile then Sho bow his head “I am in debt you, thank you for taking care of this brat” Yoshihiko smiled widely

“it’s a pleasure, although taking care is her job mostly not ours” then chuck follow “finally! pleasure to meet you and it’s an honor to be side by side with her but yeah she is definitely a brat” then the 3 men laugh Mie pouted at them “I am not a brat” then the three continued to laugh.

After breakfast they were directed to 15LG Arena everyone was asked to do stretching after the stretching Mie played with her DS again same with Nino. When Okada start his speech “I know all of you already noticed that we were joined by the Top Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel of Osaka”

Then Okada continued “let me introduce the top team of Osaka who defeated the Enchantress case of Hiroshima, and the dedicated task force of Underground training camp. Sharp shooter, excellent in handling all types of marine machineries not to mention a good swimmer Major Daidoji Kim” then Kim stood up removed her communicator and joined Okada sensei.

“A sharp shooter, pilot of all sky jets we have and also one of the best combat fighters on this academy Major Sato Aya” Aya stand up gave her watch communicator to her Colonel then bow and join Aya and Kim. Then Okada smiled while Mie was removing her jacket.

“another sharp shooter, excellent in all land transportation Machineries not to mention one of the best in combat Major Inoue Mao” Mao stood up and gave her watched communicator to his team Colonel and joined Kim.

“Sharp shooter, she is one of the only 3 licensed people who can use all weapons the academy has the so called lady alchemist Major Miyamoto Mie” She stand up then remove her watch communicator hand it to Ohno who was shocked she smiled then bowed her head low “thank you for taking care of me” then gave them another bow offered for masters in martial arts.

She turn around and face to join her team Okada continued “she can also pilot all jets, has licenced to Drive all land machineries we have and a fair few of marine machineries, she is allowed to play with all her games and still had passed the exam we have in flying colors”

Mie scowled at Okada “she is also called baby samurai because of her excellent skills in sword fighting and one of the best combat fighter I have seen, you would all witness it in the next few days” Then Okada introduced “of course Lieutenant Col. Channing Tatum the Pioneer of this training in US, sharpshooter most definitely the best in combat fighting and 2nd in command of our special task unit”

“Colonel Yoshihiko Inohara, captain of the said task force and never under estimate his combat fighting skills and gun handling” when Yoshihiko reach his team each were given a set of watch communicator. Then Okada announced “This is the fifth team that will complete the said training, they might have ladies but that doesn’t give you any excuse to not treat them seriously or else you would lose”

“the team who would have the highest score on these training would join the special task force for a special assignment” everyone was more fired up than ever Mie smiled at her team “missed you guys” Chuck put an arm around her shoulder “are you sure you missed us or them” Mie eyed her previous team then smiled “I would miss them too”

Okada blow his whistle “soldiers let us do a pairing combat shall we now I need volunteers from our tasked force” chuck pat Mie’s shoulder “would you want to have your stretching” Mie and Aya stood up “I would volunteer if you promise to fight me after” Chuck chuckle and nodded.

Okada smiled “Alright now, Yokoyama and Kazuya if you please” Mie shake his head “sensei” Okada nodded “they promised to fight with all their might” Mie arch her brow, while Aya commented “they better be, we don’t want to waste time” Yu and Kazuya smug at them this time then Kazuya says “we were just off guard by then”

Okada blow his whistle “fight!” Girls were just standing while the men we're moving. The girls smiled when the two men circled them, they stand back to back this time when the men launch themselves to kick the girls. They were able to dodge it by lying on the floor then and roll. The two men kick each other instead.

The ladies are now the one circling them then they move quickly this time, Mie looked at Kazuya,  while Aya was eyeing for Yu.  But when they were about to launch themselves for their target they flew and switch target Mie kick Yu while Aya kick Kazuya in the face.

Ladies are not yet done this time after kicking the two men in the head both ladies face their opponents and smiled wickedly and again like flash of lightning ladies give them a jab in the chest,  when the men were lying on the floor both women stomp on to the men's chest.

Okada blow his whistle then commented “What happen? You guys told me you would be serious this time?” The two men were still unable to move then pass out. Okada shake his head and gesture to the medics Okada called in another pair to match up with the ladies but still none of them can defeat them.

Okada announced “alright looks like besides Nagoya team and Osaka team are the only team who are in shape, we may need to retrain in combat fighting,  an hour break and be back right after. Nagoya and Osaka please proceed to General Garcia’s office”

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*-*-*-*-*💙💛💝💜💚Day 3💚💜💝💛💙*-*-*-*-*

They needed to wake up early again that day and they were asked to be on the pantry at exactly 6am since that day is an intense combat training. At 5am Sho can’t help but keep still on the Bed, but he knew he needed to wake up and get ready.

He tried to wake Mie up “Mie-chi go on and get a shower ahead of me before those guys come bursting in our room again” his voice sounded raspy while saying it on Mie’s head. But to his surprise Mie just ignore him and tried to squeeze herself to him “Mie-chan come on” Mie didn’t move and he heard her even breathing which means she had fallen asleep.

Sho smiled and think to himself 15 more minutes won’t hurt then hugged Mie tightly and go back to sleep. Nino, Ohno and Toma are now asking Jun to open the door since they’ve been knocking the door for 5 minutes now. Jun was hesitant but tried to knock one more time when no one answered he is about to open the door when Aiba open his own door.

“What you guys been up to?” Aiba asked them Jun answered him” it’s already 5:30 and we’ve been knocking on their door for 5 minutes now and no one is answering” then Toma continued with a timid voice “we just want to wake them up” Ohno and Nino just nod their heads “Why didn’t you open the door to check if they are inside” Nino answered this time “we don’t want to burst inside and see what they are doing”

Aiba nodded and was able to remember what he saw yesterday “right! It's fine Mie knows he is in training and won’t let her guard down” Ohno ordered Aiba this time “You open the door then we are kind a worried since Sho-chan is never late in waking up” Aiba shake his head but open the door for them.

Their eyes widen again because Sho is hugging Mie tightly on her waist, while Mie is squeeze beneath Sho’s neck and equally hugging Sho. Aiba still shaking his head, while Toma left them stomping. Aiba comes in to sit beside Mei and tap Sho’s hand “Sho-chan you need to get ready or we would be late”

Sho check his watch and move swiftly beside Mei ”Aiba-chan try to wake Mie while I am taking my shower” Aiba nodded then tried waking Mie ”Mie-chan!...Mie-chan” Mie just wave her hand and Aiba smiled “You’re really not a morning person eh” Mie tried to tucked her face comfortably on the pillow and blanket. When Sho came out of the bathroom he was shirtless and towel covering the half of his body smiled and look up fondly of Mie.

Sho pull out the blanket from Mie’s body who actually shivered, then he tried shaking his head close enough so the water from his hair would be on Mie’s face who tried her best to stop her body shiver again “Sho-chan, 5 more minutes it’s cold” Sho put his wet towel on Mie’s face again “no time Mie you don’t want to be late and have some punishment from Okada, besides your bath is ready you just have 10 minutes come on”

Mie still has lazy eyes tried to get up and stretch that was the only time she noticed Ohno, Nino and Jun on the open Door, she manage to give them a sleepy smile “Ohayou minna” then chuckle “eh where is Toma-chan?” Ohno, Nino and Jun just exchange glances, when Sho tweak her nose “Go to the bathroom come on, I don’t want to be late Mie-chan”

Mie got up and wincing “Sho-chan, sore o yamete” Sho chuckle “9 minutes and I am counting” Mie tried to cover her nose with the towel and answered lazily with “Hai” Sho shake his head when he saw Mie’s towel he grabbed it and knock on the bathroom door “Mie no dozing off, your towel, you have 8 minutes” Mie peep on the door and grab her towel and stick her tongue out at Sho.

Then Sho shake his head then face Ohno, Jun and Nino “Let’s just wait for her downstairs shall we?” the three nodded then got out of the room while Aiba whisper to Sho “Aren’t you telling them that she is -” then Sho gesture to shut his mouth “I am enjoying teasing their imagination” Aiba was shaking his head “but what about Toma-kun” Sho shrug his shoulders “I have all the right to protect Mie specially from him”

When they reach down Aiba can sense tension, especially when Sho sat beside him, Nino tried to ask Sho “Sho-chan, anu how did you meet Mie-chan? You seemed to be closed with each other” Then Ohno continued “Yeah too close for that matter” Sho laugh “I knew her too well alright and yes we are that close” Aiba shake his head then darted his eyes to Toma who is about to ask but got cut off by the jogging Mie on the stairs.

“All ready, sorry it's cold in our room for some reason that is why I had a hard time waking up” then she turned to Toma “Ohayou Toma-chan how come you were not at the door of our room to wake us up?” Toma just stood up and turn to the door “We would be late, I am not in the mood for punishment” Sho smiled and grab Mie by her shoulder who look at Sho then Aiba “have I said something wrong?” Sho smiled and answered her “He must have woke up on the wrong side of his bed I would guess”

Aiba just shook his head then lead the way “Come on we need to have breakfast before stretching. Nino and Ohno followed. When they arrived at the pantry it is already crowded, they settled on the table for them while Sho, Nino and Toma got up to get coffee. Inoue manages to tap her on the shoulder “Mie-kun wake up” Mie take a peek from her arms then pull Inoue’s arm “Inoue-pon my body don't want to wake up just yet” Inoue let out a giggle “Daijabou Toma-chan is with you he knows what to do” Mie smiled “oh not sure what happen but Toma-chan is grumpy”

“Eh Naze?” Mie shrug her shoulder “Shirani” Inoue looked at Aiba and tried to confirm “Did Lieutenant Colonel have something to do with it?” Ohno was caught off guard but still nod along with Aiba and Jun. Then Inoue blushed when her eyes caught Jun,

Then returned to pat Mie on her shoulder and whisper “did you tell them?” Mie smiled and whispered back “ie, he told me he would be the one to tell them” Inoue rolled her eyes “I need to get back on my table see you later ne?” Mie nodded and Inoue excuse herself.

When Nino returned he sit beside Ohno and gave him coffee, while Toma settle himself beside Mie, not making any eye contact but gesture the coffee towards her. Mie sip from the mug and sigh “Oishi! You still remember! Arigato Toma-chi” When Sho arrived on their table he winced since he saw Mie is already having her coffee so he just gave the third mug to Jun.

The day routine doesn’t have much exercise however when they are on the weaponry they were asked what weapons they can actually use. All of them inputted it on the holo watched they have. Then Okada tried to see their profile from his holo board and commented “As expected, Mie can you be my assistant for today?”

Mie snorted, but then Okada smile “If you don’t agree then I would have to tell them the tale of -” Mie stand up and stood beside him “Good” then Okada tried to introduce new sets of weapons to them. While Mie would try to demonstrate how it would actually work.

There are times when Okada would whisper something to Mie then the later one would actually whisper back. Then a call appeared from the screen it is coming from General Garcia “Sorry to interrupt the discussion but I need to pull out Lieutenant Colonel Sakurai and Major Miyamoto, General Sakurai of Tokyo is in my office and you both needs to report in my office now”

Mie eyed General Garcia and answered “On our way General” then put down one of the Gun she is holding while Sho was waiting for Mie and both of them get out of the room. Ohno eyed Nino and Jun “There is something about those two that doesn’t fit” Jun nodded while Nino also voiced out “yeah, they knew each other too well and to think General Sakurai also called for Mie is very suspicious from what City is she again” Toma answered “She is one of the best Major in Osaka”

Ohno smiled “I guess we needed to get our beer out later to get those two to talk” Toma and Jun looked at each other while Aiba is pretty busy in checking the new weapons. After the weapon discussion they were given free time until the night and would resume activity tomorrow although they were given a heads up that tomorrow would be an intense combat fighting where they would incorporate all the trainings they have so far.

When Mie and Sho get back to their common room Sho were shaking his head while Mie is trying her best to not laugh nor giggle. Mie settled himself beside Nino this time then grab her DS to start playing. While Sho asked them “So, what did we missed?” Aiba was the one who Answered Sho.

“There is this new weapon a hologram 360 where you can input the map of your target although it can turn into a weapon when you flip a switch and it can damage up to 10-15 feet radius so cool” Mie chuckle “Aiba-shii it is not Hologram 360 it is called Holograph 340” Ohno eyed her but Mie is still in playing with her DS clear his throat then says “a weapon called arm FP-35”

Mie giggled again “Oh-chan its arm FP-45, it is an airdrop bomb actually and used by our Jet Parabellum SM9 range of 3 blocks damage and 942 circumference” then Ohno tried again “what about the rifle AK-37” Mie rolled her eyes “Honestly did you guys really listen? It is riffle Soviet AK47, light in weight but can be deadly you can shuffle its bullets, you can use a suppressor for it to use a bullet tranquilizer, remove suppressor and use it as a normal gun this can use bullets from the normal RP-45 until RP-68”

Ohno was impress “how come you knew all about these new weapons and they haven’t even issued this to us?” Mie just smile and says ”I am authorized to use these guns, I am one of the only 3 people who have license to use these guns” Nino snicker at her “Why is that?” Mie just shrug her shoulders in answer.

Jun put down a couple of beer on the table “time to relax we have until tomorrow at 500 hours to ourselves” Ohno smiled “Good Idea” Sho grab a bottle open it up then gave it to Mie and open another bottle for himself.

Mie drink from the bottle but when she caught Sho’s eyes they both laugh and bump their bottles together, same time Toma grab his own beer and sip from it Mie tried to explain “gomenasai, we just had fun talking to General Sakurai earlier and well we actually got scolded in the end” Aiba smiled and asked what happen, Mie just tried to mouth later Aiba nodded.

Mie’s communicator lit up “Aya-kun nani?” then Mie look up at her new teammates “hai I would asked permission” then drop her communicator “sorry can’t join you guys I am still on shift” then face Sho “ne Sho-chan can we use our room we just need to have a meeting for a case were handling” Sho nodded then Mie smiled “arigato”

then grab her watch and direct a message to their IT facility then communicator lit up again “Yuri-pon we would have a meeting for a case in Lieutenant Col.  Sakurai’s room disengage all security camera and camcorders as per Colonel Yoshihiko Inohara of Osaka” then answer on the other line “arigato”

Then a knock on the door Mie jump from where she is seated and let the girls in “get inside we don’t have time to waste” girls get inside with some gadgets. Mie smiled “good, this way guys” then the went up ahead.

After about 30 minutes ladies are now going down when they reach the door Mie just nodded “back to your post” girls give her a nod as well the closed the door. Sho asked “I thought all trainees don’t have assignment while they are here” Mie smiled then answered him “you’ll soon find out why”

Then she faced the other guys “sorry I wanted to sleep early tonight so I can wake up tomorrow as early as I can” Jun asked “why?” Mie smiled again “oyasuminasai minna” Sho followed her “Mie-chan what is happening?” Mie smiled again then gestured for him to lay beside her “nothing just got tired, and a heads up this is going to be our last night to share rooms together” Sho was hugged her and asked why? Mie answered “My original team from Osaka would be arriving tomorrow so we would be pull out” Sho nodded “I would miss cuddling you like this”

Mie chuckled “me too, stay with me till I fall asleep” Sho nodded and let Mie sleep, and didn’t noticed he also doze off.

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